Cleaning Up the Mess in Your Living Room

Living rooms experience a lot of traffic and movements as they are commonly used in any household. Therefore, the living rooms quickly become dirty and cluttered because of the numerous activities that happen. When you are surrounded by clutter, it is easy to lose track of what you should be doing. You feel guilty and stressed as the clutter prevents you from finding what you need.

Creating methods to keep your home clean and organized can drastically reduce your stress and improve your quality of life. The following tips will help you clean your living room and maintain it in hygienic condition.

Clean and Dust the Couches

Couches help to make living rooms more comfortable and stylish, but they are subjected to more wear and tear than you may expect. The couch may absorb body oils, cooking scents, and airborne dust and filth, whether you are eating supper in the family room or watching a movie. Learning how to clean upholstered furniture thoroughly may appear to be an impossible task.

Weekly cleaning and care of the couch are recommended to avoid the long-term effects of spills or damage from normal wear and tear. It is recommended to use a dry brush and a vacuum on items to remove dirt or debris deeply embedded in the coach.

Carpet Dusting and Cleaning

Carpets always get dirty from muddy shoes, food spots, hair from pets, and wine stains.  Germs and dirt always get embedded deep into the carpet, and it may attract mites and problems to allergic individuals. When it comes to liquid stains, be careful not to over-blot; this will only drive the spill further into the carpet fibers, making the stain worse. It will help if you treat stains as quickly as possible with a carpet cleaner, which will lift the liquid right up.

Chocolate and mud stains, for example, should be treated after they have dried. When wet, food, coffee, tea, and red wine should be eliminated. Therefore, cleaning carpets regularly is recommended, and carpet cleaning professionals offer the services.

Clean the Glass Surfaces

Glass surfaces such as the window areas always attract a lot of dust. Cleaning such surfaces can be problematic, and completely eliminating the streaks takes a lot of time. To properly clean glass surfaces, you are required to use clean water and microfiber cloths or paper. These special wood rags are beneficial because they do not leave streaks behind.

Therefore, this ensures a clean and smooth surface. Cleaning the outside of the window is challenging, and special tools such as telescoping handles and soft scrubbers are good to use. The scrubber is sprayed with your solution. Clean the window and then use a squeegee to remove the cleaner.

Cleaning Walls


Walls are always dirty because, on most occasions, we opt to neglect them when cleaning the house. If you are allergic to dust, clean your walls several times annually or when the season changes.  Dust your walls always before cleaning them by using a soft bristle vacuum. It would be best always to be careful not to scrub off the paint from the walls using a mild cleaning solution. If the walls are not too dirty, you can simply use a sponge and clean water. Cleaning the walls should start from top to bottom to prevent dripping dirty water on the already cleaned parts.

Making Ceiling Fan Clean

Ensuring the ceiling fan is clean and free from dust is essential in keeping the living room conducive. This makes the air in the room clean and safe for family members. Also, regular cleaning of the ceiling fans increases the durability as dust always wobbles them. Therefore, fans are supposed to be cleaned three times a year. This is accomplished by utilizing a pillowcase to collect the surplus. Always wear a face mask to avoid inhaling dust, which can be harmful to your health. If the ceiling is high, use a ladder or a long-handled duster fan.

Maintaining the hygiene of your home and especially the living room makes it safe and enjoyable to stay. Cleaning and dusting regularly will help you reduce illness within your family members, especially those with allergies. It is also good to keep your living room organized and clean as this will help minimize injuries by keeping items such as toys that may cause fall injuries.

Likewise, stacks of magazines and other objects, for example, can collapse on someone and cause serious head injuries. You can make a major difference in your home’s and its overall security by simply arranging and cleaning up your space.

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