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Celebrity-worthy Beach Vacations: How to Plan a Trip Like a Hollywood A-lister

There’s something about beaches that makes a vacation extra special and memorable. Nothing feels better once your feet reach the warm sand while savoring the gentle sounds of the waves. Beaches are also a great place to unwind and relax if you want to take a break from the hustle of urban life or give the family a well-deserved break.

Beach vacations are exciting if you do them with friends. Some even go the extra mile by having a celebrity-style vacation. People get easily inspired by the glamorous destinations they see on a celebrity’s social media. From hiring a luxury yacht, dining at A-lister hotels, and partying in sprawling suites, getting a celebrity treatment during a vacation is a glorious experience like no other.

A little splurging here and there doesn’t seem so bad, especially if you have the money for it. After all, vacations are all about the experience, so why not make the most of it? In this article, we’ll cite some ways to enjoy a celebrity-style vacation and enjoy an extravagant trip you’ll surely cherish for years to come.

Throw a private party

Everyone wants to get treated like a VIP at a luxury beach club. For most celebrities, beach clubs are an epic spot for pool parties, fancy cocktails, fashion shows, or live music with popular DJs. So if you want to take your vacation to a different level, a private party is the way to go.

Private beach clubs offer corporate events and beach parties for those who want more than just a splash. Clients can also rent a space for wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, and other lavish gatherings with over 200 guests. If you want a more sophisticated ambiance, they also offer a musical band with an in-house violinist, percussionist, and saxophonist.

Aside from expansive beachfront, private beach clubs offer docking for yachts. Other over-the-top features include candlelit pathways, helicopters dropping confetti, palm tree-lined pools, multiple bars, a great menu, a pool in the middle of an ocean, and other exciting places to visit. If you want to let loose of all the pressure, private beach clubs knew exactly how to entertain guests.

Hire a boat

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Ever fancy reliving iconic celebrity moments while onboard fancy boats? Celebrities like Adele, Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Will Smith, and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted on luxury yachts while enjoying life at sea. You can also do the same thing by hiring charter superyachts used by famous people or featured in famous Hollywood movies.

A private luxury day sail has exclusive offerings from powerboats to luxury catamarans. They will let the client pick the destination, the exact time to sail, and water sports activities. Most of the time, clients simply choose to catch the sun and chill while lounging on the deck.

Private day charters also offer various options to enjoy the day sail. Guest can enjoy a five-hour getaway onboard a private boat topped with a picnic-style lunch at the beach. They can also spend the entire day doing water activities or simply hang out at a cool spot. The best part is where guests can choose the menu and bar selections depending on their preferences.

From scenic cruises, private chef services, dance parties, and snorkeling, the possibilities are limitless when hiring a catamaran. This is a great escape if you want to enjoy some alone time with the family or your partner without the crowds. It’s also an ideal alternative if you want to stay safe from COVID-19 while on vacation.

VIP-worthy staycation

With the pandemic going on, travelers are mostly looking for private destinations they can rent out to escape from the crowds. If you’re ready to splurge for something exclusive and private, a luxury vacation house is the one for you.

Luxury resorts have vacation houses, perfect for sophisticated travelers and celebrities. These places often lie on white-sand beaches where you can experience luxurious indulgences, such as afternoon teas, evening canapés, bottles of champagne, and an unlimited selection of gourmet dining.

Some houses are upgradable to a higher class, where you can enjoy sprawling suites and celebrity-like treatment. Luxury resorts also offer high-quality service for their clients and other glamorous amenities, such as an infinity pool and beachfront area.

No matter which destination you pick, the key to a fun and memorable vacation is to plan carefully. We’ve all been busy living our lives, so there’s no harm in giving yourself something memorable and glamorous. After all, planning a celebrity-style vacation can be a great start for an epic summer getaway.

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