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5 Best Lawn Improvement Techniques for Lazy Gardeners

Tending to a lawn or garden is a backbreaking task. It’s not a task everyone likes doing; some of us prefer to sit back, relax and allow that piece of work to take care of itself.

Although this guide won’t fully relieve you of your duties, it does have some tips and tricks for you to make your outdoor space as easy to maintain as possible. And it’ll still look like the best garden on the street.

1. Opt for Solid Alternatives

Reducing your lawn means reducing your work. This is one of the best ways to explain opting for hardscaping. In simpler terms, hardscaping is the use of decorative stones, bricks, or pavers to create a surface like a patio or to lay down a garden path. With the added beauty implementing a hard and durable surface means you also won’t need to water or weed around regularly.

Although you may have to sweep it a bit occasionally, of course, it doesn’t compare, right?

Furthermore, with as many types of hardscaping options available, there’s also the added benefit of being able to choose a surface suited to your own liking.

2. Opt from a Native Range

Plants are known to adapt to their environments at a pace far quicker than humans. As a result, opting for plants native to the area is a wise choice for the average laid-back landscaper.

Apart from the numerous other benefits, opting for a native plant will make you use fewer pesticides, fertilizers and water and require much less care from your side.

A simple search, such as typing your state and “native plants” can fetch you in-depth information regarding your local plants to educate yourself.

3. Go Artificial

Artificial grass is a practical and appealing option to real turf. It has come a long way from astro turf of yore, and the grass is now made up of polymer or nylon with varying color gradations and heights to give it a more authentic look and feel of real grass.

You can also plant a tree along with the grass; there are many options to go along with them. However, artificial grass can have quite an impact on your wallet. They can cost from $8 to $12 per square foot of grass.

If you’re not into faux grass, no matter how real it looks, an alternative is Kikuyu Grass. This grass can survive in various climates with good tolerance to salinity, drought and heat and can also cope with little to no maintenance.  So you get the benefit of authenticity without the hard work.

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4. Evergreen Plants

What could be easier to maintain than plants that remain green all year round?

With their verdant vivid colors, there is absolutely no reason to replant evergreen plants after their season passes. They thrive through all 4 of them. You can put varieties of dwarf into your flower beds or opt for shrubs right next to your house (they will help hide your home’s foundations).

There are many shrubs for you to choose from, from tall columnar types for privacy to creeping varieties covering the ground.

5. Create a Natural Border

For gripping edges that retain the rest of your garden and provide a maintained look, clumping monkey grass is the right choice. When planted, this sturdy Asian native keeps them in check within their boundaries. Not only that, but the grass is also very resistant and can stand up to weeds, bugs, and dogs. In addition to that, it also copes well in most climates and soils.

Rounding it Off

There’s a lot of effort involved in taking care of your lawn, which not many people have sufficient time for. However, there are now many alternatives out there to cater to the needs of such people.

These alternatives not only require less maintenance but also keep the appearance of your garden top tier.

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