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Online Personal Fitness Training: Is it Worth it?

During the first few months of the pandemic, fitness centers and gyms were closed. Some have re-open recently. But the risk of COVID-19 transmission in indoor spaces is very high. That’s why many people are turning to online personal training. It’s not a new practice brought about by the pandemic though. Online training programs have been available for years, but they’re picking up in popularity recently.

Online personal training is much like in-person training but is done remotely. A trainer will create training programs for a client based on their needs and check on their progress using technology.

Even after many years of its existence, many people are still skeptical about online personal training. Looking at its pros and cons, it seems to be a worthy investment if you stay committed.



Like in-person fitness training, you can get a personalized workout through an online trainer. They will create a routine that will suit your fitness goals, whether it’s losing weight or building muscles. If you find that the routine given to you is difficult to perform, then you can send feedback to your trainer, and they can adjust it for you. Also, some online training programs include a nutrition program to supplement your workout routine. This nutrition program is also customized to your needs.

Flexible and Time-efficient

Online personal training allows you to do your home training any time you want. This flexibility allows you to organize your day easily and removes the pressure of finishing tasks to get to the gym on time.

Online personal training can save you time since you don’t need to go to the gym. Your travel time can be used for other things instead, like adding a few more reps to your workout or just taking a break.

Communication with an Actual Human Trainer

Another good thing about online personal training is that you get an actual human as your trainer. You can converse with them through email or other messaging platforms. And they can provide you with real feedback, rather than automated messages.

Relatively Affordable

Online personal training is relatively more affordable than in-person training. Usually, online training is paid per month with an average price of $100 each month. Meanwhile, in-person training can cost $50 to $100 per session.

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As with most things, online personal training does have its drawbacks.

No Accountability Partner

A personal trainer is physically present as you train, so they become your accountability partner. They keep you in check so you don’t skip a routine or do things half-heartedly. This isn’t the case for online personal training. If you don’t have self-control or commitment, you might not achieve the results you want no matter how much your online trainer helps you.

Cost of Equipment

Since you’ll be working out at home, the money you saved from hiring a personal online trainer might go to buying equipment instead. And if you want to use the same equipment or apparel your trainer uses, the cost may rise.

Some people who hire online trainers from other countries may find that the things they need aren’t available to them locally. They might need to order overseas. But not all sites can ship to all countries. For instance, delivery from the USA to South Africa is not available in some fitness apparel sites, so a buyer will have to use package forwarding services or find an alternative.

Limited Interactions

For many online personal trainers, communication is often done through email, messaging, or a Facebook group page. Real-time communication is uncommon. So if you need to ask your trainer something, you’ll have to wait some hours or days to get a response, as opposed to real-time feedback in the in-person training.

With the current health crisis, hiring an online personal trainer is safer and more practical than going to the gym or having an in-person trainer. As long as you stay dedicated to your fitness goal, hiring an online personal will be worth it.

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