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You Can’t Stop the Rain: Dealing with a Rainy-day Move

Moving to a new location is not always easy, especially if you have a lot of items to take with you. You need to come up with a list to make sure that everything is already covered. You have to see to it that all the clutter is already dealt with. You might have sold some through a garage sale or given away things to family and friends. You also need to check the weather on your move date. You may see that it is going to be sunny and fine, but do not be too confident. Weather can be erratic and unpredictable. You cannot know how it is going to be on that day. It could be rainy.  If it is going to be rainy and you cannot back out, you need to have some measures to make the move as smooth and efficient as possible.

You should have a plan B. You have to make sure that you have a contingency plan that will help you deal with the weather. If you are having troubles, here are some of the pointers to keep in mind, as approved by a leading team of removalists in Melbourne.

1. Pick the right boxes.

If you are anticipating heavy rains on the day of your move, you may need to change boxes. Normal paper-based boxes are easy to get wet. They will get soggy and tear apart when dragged. What you need to do is to go for boxes that have some waterproofing elements. For one, pick boxes that have wax lining in the interior and on the exterior. If you have big recyclable plastic boxes, put the most important items in them. This should not be a problem if your truck has a cover.

2. Get the right wrappers.

While the truck to be used does have a cover, there can be holes where water leaks can fall through. Your items still need some good protection. That is something that you can do by wrapping your boxes in plastic. For smaller items, it would be wise to use cling wrap. A large amount of cling wrap may be necessary for antiques and artwork. You may even choose to buy old tarp materials to cover your pieces of furniture.

3. Unpack what needs to be unpacked.

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Once you have arrived at your new home or place, do not waste time and move everything inside your home. Once inside, you need to unpack what needs to be unpacked to see if some items are affected by water and moisture. Dab dry cloth and paper on some items to keep them dry.

Moving on a rainy day can be one of those rare unfortunate days, but it is possible. You can beat the bad weather by having the right preparations. You will just have to see if the rain is not going to be that disruptive. Otherwise, consider moving the date for your safety. Make sure that everything is covered by working with the right moving companies.

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