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Why Dermatologists Are Insisting on Shade Structures in School

Did you know that the American Academy of Dermatology has taken a step further of offering a grant of up to $8,000 to any public school for installing shade structures?

Yes, they do. And the main reason is that they know the benefit of having shade structures in schools.

Let’s look at the areas that need the shade structures first before we look at why they should be installed.

Where to install shades in schools

Any outdoor area is a hot spot for shade such as playgrounds, dining areas, courtyards, walkways, drop-off areas, swimming pool, tennis courts, and basketball courts.

Ensure that you get professionals who specifically deal with outdoor canopies for schools. Being a long-term investment, it needs to be done correctly.

Why install the shades structures?

Protect kids from harmful rays

UV rays are detrimental to the skin and have been linked to skin cancer and other skin conditions. This is a great reason to put shade structures in schools especially in areas where kids spend a lot of time in like the play area, courtyards, walkways, and dining area.

Protect school equipment from heat damage

Continuous exposure of school equipment to sun damages them especially if they are made of plastic.

Putting shades in places where equipment are protected from sun damage.

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Protect kids from the effects of harsh weather

Kids especially the young ones spend more time outdoors playing in the playing ground, and they get exposed to the harsh weather; Both extreme cold in winter and extreme heat during the summer.

Installing shade structures in the playground area protects them from the effects of heat such as sunburns, heat stroke, overheating and other heat-related conditions. They provide cooling as the kids play.

Not only do they protect kids from the sun but also other weather elements such as wind, rain, dust, and snow.

They offer better security

Security in schools is a major concern to the school administration as it is to the parents. With shade structures, the schools have more privacy, and outsiders cannot see what is going on.

They offer security to both the students and the school equipment.

Helps to cut energy cost

Schools are always looking for every small way to cut costs especially since they are always working on limited budgets and resources.

Sunshade structures add an extra layer of insulation which helps building become a little more energy-efficient.

Regulate temperature

Metal structures get very hot during hot sunny days and can be dangerous when kids touch them when playing. Installing a shade structure will help to regulate the temperature of the metallic equipment and play items.

Materials to use for the shade structures

You can use any material ranging from fibreglass, PVC, canvas or steel sheeting. If installing permanent structures, you will have to seek approval from relevant authorities before installation.

Every school owner should consider putting up a shade structure in the areas where kids spend the most time. Only then will they serve the intended purpose.

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