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What You Need to Know About Garden Rooms: What Is It and How You Can Create One

Do you love plants so much that you wish there is a whole separate room dedicated solely to them? Or, do you wish you can have your favorite flowers and fruits or vegetables growing all year round?

A garden room is, as the term suggests, a room in your home where you can be close to nature without being exposed to environmental elements such as rain or snow.

If you want to learn more about garden rooms or searching for garden room designs, just continue reading.

What You Need

A garden room is typically a space inside a home, but it can also be a separate structure in your backyard.

Ideally, the garden room gets enough sunshine. It should not be shielded behind a larger structure, like your neighbor’s house. If you like plants, you know very well that they need sunshine to survive. Natural daylight also adds to the feeling of being one with nature.

If you want to create your own garden room, you should consider, most of all, the view. Will putting up a wall in one area block your perfectly-landscaped backyard? The windows and the door should be facing nature, not another wall or another structure. The goal of the space is to make you feel like you are one with nature, not hiding from it.

How to Furnish Your Garden Room


Your garden room can serve multiple purposes. You can place a couch in there so you can hang out in the space to read or to take a nap. You may also use it as a dining area if you put a table and a couple of chairs in there.

Some families turn their garden room into a bedroom that they, then, rent out to travelers. This is ideal for garden rooms that are not directly connected to their house.

Knowing beforehand how you want to spend time in the garden room will help make a decision in regard to the furnishing.

For example, if you want it to be a spare bedroom, you would need to add electric access and home appliances aside from a bed. If you want it to be used exclusively for plants, you can add mulch or grass on the floor.

A garden room is an enclosed space, so you have the freedom to decorate as you would in any other part of your home. You can use any furniture you want depending on the vibe you are going for.

What About Plants?

Most importantly, your garden room would not be complete without plants. The garden room gets a lot of sunshine which means you can grow plants that love direct light inside the structure. Because it is an enclosed space, you can also plant plants that are sensitive to wind.

Just make sure that the plants you bring inside do not grow too big or too wide.

You should also consider the types of plants surrounding the garden room. Tall plants and trees may block the view. Choose to grow shrubs and small plants around the area instead so you can see outside whenever you are inside the garden room.

A garden room will give you a peaceful space to relax and have fun. Spending time in it will feel like an extra special vacation from all the stressors in the world.


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