Donating old clothes

What to Do with Clothes You Do Not Wear Anymore

Clothes are not the first things you would get rid of even if you wanted to free up space around the house. You think your other trinkets can free up enough space or tidy up the house significantly that your unused clothes should not be given much notice. The truth, however, is that these clothes pile up and take so much space even if they do not offer any value to your life.

Throwing them away is not the only option. If you must keep them, consider the following solutions:

Store in an Unused Closet

If some of the clothes you do not want to get rid of are items you may still use later, such as maternity clothes and baby clothes, getting rid of them is definitely not the wise thing to do. Still, they will take up closet space even if they are not in use. The best solution is to find a storage area to keep them in for now. That tools closet you have indoors can be moved to small outdoor storage units, and your unused clothes could be stored in the indoor closet. This way, they will be safe from the elements. Your tools can survive outdoors better if you choose the right material for the storage units.

Donate to a Shelter

For clothes that do not fit you or your style anymore, consider making a donation to a shelter. You can help those in need without spending any money and while clearing up your house in the process. Choose those that are still in good condition so that they will make a big difference in someone’s life. For clothes that cannot be worn anymore, you may turn them into rags or use them to patch up holes in your old jeans.


Some clothes are too important to be given away, but they would feel neglected in storage too. Clothes that have sentimental value are too hard to let go. How about repurposing them into pieces of clothing you can wear? Your dad’s shirt that is too big for you can be converted to a dress. Shirts can look new again with a few sewing hacks. Old jeans can be turned to shorts or skirts. Think of how much you’re saving when you use your old clothes instead of letting them gather dust and spending money on new items that look just the same.

Have a Garage Sale

Selling old clothes in a garage sale

Short on funds and have nowhere else to turn? The clothes you don’t want might just be your neighbour’s style. A garage sale is a perfect way to get rid of items in the house — not just clothes — that you don’t need anymore. Put up signs leading to your garage so that people can drop by at any time. Assess the value of each item fairly to have a better chance of selling them quickly. Something may feel expensive for you because of the sentimental value, but this will mean nothing to the buyer.

Your clothes serve a purpose. When you stop wearing them, it’s time to consider what to do with them next.

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