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What Makes Cycling Great to Participate In

On the surface, cycling does not seem that exciting an event. The action can be summed up as seeing who among a group of people can ride a bike the fastest.

However, cycling continues to be one of the world’s most popular sports, with races and sportives like the Tour de France and Strade Bianche drawing thousands of visitors each year. One of the reasons for this is that cycling is a very inclusive sport. People of all ages and fitness levels can participate, and it is not very difficult to learn how to ride a bike and join in the fun. The rules are also very straightforward: cross the finish line first, and you win.

It is thus unsurprising that participation in cycling events is on the upswing globally. With people today becoming more health-conscious and seeking ways to be more active, many choose to turn to cycling.

Here are some of the reasons to become a fan of cycling in 2020, whether you aim to pursue the sport competitively or simply be a loyal follower of the action:

Races everywhere

In some countries, there can be more than a hundred cycling races that take place in a year. This gives cycling enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to participate in races and helps build publicity surrounding the sport.

Races also vary in terms of the conditions they are held in, thus allowing them to cater to a wide variety of people. For example, some races could be exclusively for children or the elderly, while others could be set in rough and mountainous terrain, ideal for the adventurous or physically fit. No matter your age, background, or preferences, there will always be a race for you to join and have fun in.

Unique spectator and participation atmosphere

In recent years, race organizers have taken advantage of the popularity of cycling and began marketing cycling races as tourist events as well. Hence, participating in races can be a unique experience altogether, with organizers offering a wide variety of freebies and putting together an enticing race package for those who wish to join.

Even spectators can avail of special VIP hospitality packages that allow them to watch the race action in luxury. These can include stays at five-star hotels for the duration of the race, guided tours around the race location, and special access to the routes and having a photo-op at the finish line. With all of these offerings, it is no surprise that people are increasingly turning out to cycling races and becoming loyal followers of the sport.

Picturesque backdrops

Four men cycling

Large, well-known cycling races typically take place over a long stretch covering great distances. The more difficult ones even involve cycling uphill and over unpaved roads to test the skill and endurance of cyclists.

Because of this, it is common for cycling races to take place far outside cities and amidst the backdrop of nature. This can provide a good setting for any cycling route and make you enjoy the ride all the more. Whether you are a racer or a spectator, the views that you can get during a race make the entire journey worth it.

Affordability and enjoyability

Getting into cycling is within reach for many, as all it takes to get started is a bike and some protective gear. Even better, it is an activity that can be done in the company of other people. This makes cycling a particularly enjoyable and inclusive activity that anyone can take part in, thus encouraging any first-timers to give it a try and become hooked later on.

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