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Ways to Amp Up Your Old Campervan

RVing has been a popular pastime for decades. Surprisingly, recreational vehicles (RVs) have been around for at least 100 years, before becoming affordable and available to the general household. In the 70s and 80s, families spent hours on the road in their campervans, taking advantage of the low oil prices and newly built highways that connected off-grid areas to major cities. At one point, it even became a lifestyle as families and couples understood the ease of living mobile. Homes were small and simple, and the open countryside could be your backyard. It was the start of an entire culture.

While this trend seemed to fizzle out at the turn of the century, especially with gas prices rising, RVing has made a big comeback among young people. Campervan sales have consistently risen, and they are getting bigger. If you happen to have an old RV sitting around in the garage, now is the right time to take it out and carry out campervan repairs to get it ready for the road. Here are some ways you can renovate your RV to make it suitable for the current trend:

Tip # 1: Go green while you’re at it

One of the best advances in modern energy technology has been the availability of clean sources of power for your campervan. While RVs have attracted criticism in the past for leaving carbon footprints on the environment, it is now totally possible to go green with your campervan. Some idea for this transition is to include a portable solar panel, which can help generate your own electricity and help you live cord-free. This does not only reduce your impact on the environment, but it will also allow you to go to remote locations where there aren’t any charging outlets. You can also set up a tank for rainwater harvesting using natural enzymes for waste disposal and switch to biofuels for cooking.

Tip # 2: Minimalism is in

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While old-timey campervans have their own appeal with the retro decor, they might start getting a bit cramped for modern tastes if you spend days in the van. This is why minimalist decor is what most campers are going for. Make use of white as it lends itself to the illusion of space. Use natural materials such as wood and bamboo to blend in seamlessly with the environment. The minimalist campervan is a bed that can turn into a movable office space with the simple shuffling around of some components.

Tip # 3: Incorporate hi-tech solutions for easy living

Since it’s not the 60s anymore, it is time to live like you are in the future. Fortunately, there are many tech-based solutions that can make your campervan experience positively luxurious. Now, you can install all kinds of gadgets such as solar-powered electric cookers and collapsible bathtubs. You can even work from your RV by installing Wi-Fi boosters and network signal boosters.

RVing is a precious experience and one that requires time and effort to get going perfectly. By carrying out a smooth renovation, you can finally go on that trip you have been dreaming of for years.

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