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Visit These Great Locations in Luzon

The Philippines is best known for its beaches in Boracay and other seaside locations. However, this archipelagic nation can boast more than sand and surf. There are other places in Luzon, the largest northern island, that can be enjoyable to tourists from all over the world.

How to Get to These Places

Before everything, here’s a brief guide on how to get to these places. First, for the more distant locations in Luzon, there are domestic flights that can get you close in less than an hour. It’s pretty expensive. You’ll still need some local transport. Second, you can take the scenic route by using public transportation. Provincial buses can take you where you need to go, and local guides can point you in the right direction. It’s pretty cheap, but it can be quite uncomfortable. Finally, if you want the middle ground, you can get an affordable van or car for rent in Manila and the main metropolitan cities. You might have to hire a driver. If you have a local friend who can drive, they might be able to help.

The Taal Volcano

One of the world’s natural wonders, Taal volcano, and the associated lake are just three hours drive away from Manila. The impressive thing about it is that inside the lake is the volcano but if go up the volcano, you’ll find another lake. There is even an island at the mouth of the volcano. It doesn’t hurt that Tagaytay is also one of the premier vacation spots in the country, so you can have a good time seeing the sights and enjoying the local food.

The Batad Rice Terraces

Going north this time, the rice terraces in Batad Village are a great way to see the more rural side of the Philippines. Usually, tourists focus on the ultra-metropolitan sights of Metro Manila or the beaches of the islands. Here in the mountains, rural village life is a great change of pace. It’s completely relaxing and also a tribute to ingenuity. You’ll see the villagers managing to have a good harvest from the mountainside.

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The City of Vigan

The Philippines has much history behind it. This is why it is surprising that only one major historical township capitalizes on it. The town of Vigan preserves vibe of the Spanish Colonial Era and allows visitors to step back in time. Breathe in some of this country’s long history as you stroll around the town and buy hand-rolled cigars and native delicacies.

Mount Pinatubo

Though better known as one of the more devastating volcanic eruptions in the past hundred years, the area around Mount Pinatubo has bounced back surprisingly quickly. Visitors will have many sights to see on a tour of the domain, from the crater of the volcano to the breathtaking scenery in the area.

The Philippines has dozens of great locations that can make your trip worth it. The sites above are just some of the places that you can visit on your journey to this Pacific archipelago. Come and enjoy a trip to these friendly islands to see what they have to offer.

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