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Upgrading Your Home for a Security Boost

Every home deserves increased safety and security. If you’re on a budget, you can work on them little by little until you get the level of security you deserve. It costs a lot if you’re thinking of upgrading your home; however, it doesn’t have to be unaffordable. Your home’s safety and security are a priority, and nothing should stop you from it.

Starting with your yard, think about how this would attract intruders and burglars so you can start planning what you need and how much money you have to spend. Like any other improvements in your home, this also definitely requires careful planning to avoid wasting money and setting up things you don’t need.

Consider how safe your neighborhood is so that you can see the level of security you need for your home. Can you afford to invest in a smart security system? How often do you leave your home, and how long are you out every time?

With this, you can start installing security cameras and reducing your bushes and tall trees.

Improving your landscape

You can use landscape to increase your yard’s safety and security. This needs thorough planning and a professional to make security and aesthetics happen.

If you want a decorative landscape, you can grow bushes around your yard for privacy and safety. However, don’t put them up too high and thick everywhere because it can be an advantage to trespassers to hide from your neighbors and passers-by. Burglars look out for homes with large leafy trees, bushes, and shrubs because they can hide in those spots.

So be sure to always trim your bushes and keep them manicured. If you have tall and bushy trees, cutting them down to three feet shorter increases your safety.

Replacing your high gate and fences

Intruders choose homes with high privacy fences so that they can hide from your neighbors. While stone walls and wooden fences are nice and attractive, don’t build them too high. Or if you’re going to replace them, you can go for Trex fences and gates way under ten feet. With lower walls, you give burglars no place to hide, and they wouldn’t be attracted to your home in the first place.

Setting up exterior lighting

When your yard is lit correctly, it drives trespassers away. You can install security cameras along with it so that they’d know that messing with your property is no joke. With today’s technology, you can monitor your home through your home even while you’re away, whether on vacation or just for a night.

If you have a decorative landscape, you can add lighting along the bushes and your plants to make your home pretty at the same time. This can also be applicable to your outdoor living areas, such as a deck or a patio. It would make more sense to light them up, especially in the evenings.

Going digital

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Smart doorbells, smart locks, security cameras—they are all worth it when it comes to the security of your home. A smart doorbell allows you to see who’s at the door wherever you are in your home and even on your portable device even while you’re away from home. Modern doors with smart locks are much harder to intrude since the locks are harder to pick. They can handle force so that they are also challenging to kick open.

Some smart locks have a keypad, which you type in a code to get in. Another option would be digital locks that lock on their own and provide remote access. This way, you can control your door’s mechanism with the use of your portable devices, such as your phone or tablet.

Don’t forget your windows

When the intruders figure out that there is no messing with your doors, they turn to your windows instead. Upgrade your window locks with deadbolts or external locks. If you can afford it, entirely replace your windows and invest in shatterproof glass. Reinforced glass emits an alert of anyone attempting to break in and enter your property. This will drive them away before they can even enter your house.

While building a more secured home costs a lot, caring so much about your family’s safety is undoubtedly more important. There’s nothing more important than that aside from their happiness. You don’t have to spend too much at a single time. With proper planning and the right decisions, you will achieve the level of security you and your family need and deserve in your abode.

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