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Travel Light And Still Look Good

One of the best things anyone can do is to go to different places and experience different cultures. Before the pandemic hit, tourism was at an all-time high mainly because it is now cheaper to travel than a few decades ago.

However, the pandemic upended many things for us and messed up our plans, including our personal and working trips. But now that the economies have reopened and COVID travel restrictions have eased, more and more people are getting on planes and hitting the road again. From families taking long overdue vacations to mortgage dealers going on official business trips, the number of people traveling has gradually increased over the past few months.

How to Pack Light and Still Look Great

With domestic and international travel picking up, people plan to go on short trips both here and abroad. It can be quite stressful to plan for those short trips, especially when it comes to what you’re supposed to wear. As much as you’d like to bring your entire wardrobe along to make sure you have the right thing to wear for whatever the trip calls for, you can’t.

But that shouldn’t stop you from looking your absolute best even when you’re going on a short trip. Whether you’re on vacation or have business to do, it pays to still get your swagger on when you’re out of town.

Here are a few tips to help you pack right and light but still get your game on:

Tip #1: Pack pieces that mix and match well

When it comes to traveling, most folks prepare their wardrobe in two ways. One, they put together their clothes according to a per-day schedule. Depending on the type of activities lined up, the clothes might take up more space which means you’re packing more stuff than you should.

Two, they decide to pack lightly and bring just the bare minimum. This means a pair (or two) of pants, three clean shirts, and enough underwear to last the entire trip.

Here’s a simple yet very practical tip. When planning to go on a short trip, look at different pieces of clothing that you can mix and match. Don’t go on a per-day basis. Having the right attire that you can easily put together by simply mixing them up will save you plenty of time on your schedule and space in your luggage.

Tip #2: Go easy on the shoes

We all know how crucial shoes and footwear are when traveling. As much as possible, we want to be prepared for whatever unexpected things may unfold during the trip. Generally, the rule is to bring along two pairs of shoes: one pair of dress shoes (for meetings and more formal events) and a pair of casual footwear for everything else.

Unless you have a formal event to go to on your trip, a white pair of sneakers will do for both informal business meetings and other activities. You’ll never go wrong with white trainers.

Tip #3:  Choose lightweight fabric

Unless you’re going to a place where the weather is wintry, always go for clothes made out of light fabric. This allows you to either pack more choices or create more space in your luggage.

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Tip #4: Pick the right lightweight luggage

Sometimes restricting your suitcase options will force you to be wiser with your clothing selection. You can’t pack light if you have oversized luggage. Pick the right suitcase size that’s suitable for a three-to-five-day trip. If you pack the right articles of clothing, it should be enough to tide you over even if your trip gets extended unexpectedly.

Tip #5: Roll your clothes

Perhaps the best travel hack or advice we can give you is to not fold your clothes when you’re stuffing them in your suitcase. Instead, roll them up and stack them neatly on top of each other. This is a great space saver that any experienced traveler can attest to.

Tip #6: Accessorize

What you lack in clothing choices you can make up for in accessories. There are a lot of great ways to accessorize without going overboard. The trick is knowing which pieces match your outfit of choice. For instance, you can throw in a simple scarf to your outfit when you’re going to a business meeting. A nice fedora hat to complement your simple jeans-and-shirt ensemble can make you stand out.

Tip #7: Fly in your workout gear

One of the easiest ways to pack lightly is to travel in your exercise gear. Fitness wear has become quite fashionable nowadays, so wearing one at the airport doesn’t automatically make you look like you’re about to hit the gym.

No matter where you’re going or the nature of your trip, it pays to always be prepared and have the right clothes for the right occasions. And just because you’re traveling lightly doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be boring. So here’s to looking your best on your future trips.

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