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Tips to Reduce the Losses Associated with Flooding

Globally, the number of disasters is increasing at an alarming rate, leading to massive economic and social impacts. New Orleans and indeed the whole world are yet to come to terms with the disastrous effects of Hurricane Katrina. The US Gulf Coast is not strange to hurricanes and floods, but sometimes, the devastation is too much even for the experienced. That is why communities are looking at more than just typical response and recovery.

Integration of efforts, for instance through flood control management systems in New Orleans and other areas, seems to be the best way to minimize losses. The government is urged to increase its investments in disaster management and mitigation solutions instead of rushing to offer aid after a disaster has struck.  Most of the effective measures are preventive, as the following ideas portray.

1.    Protect Property Permanently

Businesses and homes are often the hardest hits when floods occur in New Orleans.Protecting property comes on the back of a thorough analysis of the possible risks. Although relocation is the best option if a property is in a flood-prone area, that step is not always feasible. Elevating the building above floodwaters becomes the next best option. Check your local codes in New Orleans, as the codes involved can vary. Some of the components that are involved in the elevation codes are:
•    Dryer and washer
•    Electrical system
•    Heating system
•    Heat pump
•    Air conditioner
Apart from elevation and relocation, you may also consider the improvement of the interior wall design or exterior floodwall installation.

2.    Prepare For Worst Disaster
Securing the property is just one of the many actions you need to take. Worst case may still be yet to come, so you need to be ready for any eventualities. The first area you need to focus on is insurance, where you confirm insurance for lost business, damaged premises etc. Are crucial documents related to the business safely stored somewhere? Identify all special needs     – blind, deaf and so on, for proper plans in case of emergency. As you identify escape routes, make sure you also easy accessibility of cut-off points for various utilities.

Flood inside the house

3.    Identify Contact Persons
Contact persons play a crucial function in case of flooding emergency, as they offer the much-needed help in time. While you will identify such providers, it is always worthwhile to have a backup plan in place because you do not want to get delivery cancellations at the last minute. It might help to contract providers before any disaster occurs, as this offers many benefits including chance for cost negotiation.

4.    Have The Emergency Kit Ready
Any discussion about flood control management systems cannot be complete without touching on the emergency kit. Every person should know the location of the kit and be able to access it within seconds or minutes. The kit should contain essentials such as water, food, light, medicines, and sanitation and communication gadgets. Other important contents are clothes, tools and items for the elderly.


Flood damage is common in New Orleans, so it pays to be prepared if you own property or business in the area. If you still have questions about the applicability of the ideas suggested here, contact a reputable flood management firm.


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