The Ultimate Man Cave for Sporty Guys and Globetrotters

When you think of a man cave, a dark, drab, and gloomy space often comes to mind. You can't help it; it's the way man caves are stereotyped. It's as though men couldn't appreciate the color and creative designs.

Thanks to the information age and shattered gender stereotypes, men can now proudly showcase their love for aesthetics. They no longer have to stick to dark hues alone to curate their man caves. Instead, they may now reflect their personalities through design and decorations. And a man cave representing a dude's hobbies and passions is a delight to see. It tells stories, sparks conversations, and rouses excitement.

For instance, if you're a habitual traveler and your man cave houses all your travel souvenirs, your guests can instantly tell which countries you have already been to. If you also play a sport, your sports-related collections in the space can set the mood for playing.

So if you're a sports or a travel fan — or both, these man cave design ideas are made for you. We'd run through the practical and fun bits so that you'd end up with the ultimate man cave.

Where to Build a Man Cave

Guys typically build their man caves in a basement. But an unused garage, shed, or any other outbuilding, attic, loft, or other spare rooms will do as well.

If you're building in the basement, ensure that the space is livable. Check its pipes, floors, and ceilings. The humidity in the space might've degraded or damaged those, especially if the pipes have been leaking the entire time. Fixing major damages in a basement, like leaks and mold, could cost you as much as $10,000.

To save money, see if you can build your man cave in the garage instead. Since it is attached to the house, utilities are already available in the space, and its surfaces aren't as exposed to humidity.

Sheds or other outbuilding are also a good option and a popular one. It just requires a little more work, such as weatherproofing. But luckily, a generous coating of weather-proof paint does the job fast.

For attic or spare room man caves, privacy might be an issue. Most spare rooms are small, therefore not giving you enough room for furniture and other essential furnishings. But it's not impossible to convert a small room into a nice man cave. After all, big spaces don't always mean better.

Man Cave Essentials

Man caves usually exhibit a collection of sports-related things, such as a billiard table or a ping-pong table. Either of those is the hallmark of man caves.

But before buying anything, measure the scale of the space first, namely its length and width. Don't forget to measure the door as well. Disasters happen because of furniture that can't fit through the door!

Generally, a sports-themed man cave is built on the same principles, regardless of your preferred sport. So, for example, if you love baseball, you still need a cozy couch, a TV or projector screen, and a mini-bar in the space. You'd only express your love for the sport through displaying memorabilia and collectibles, like jerseys, signed sports equipment, and trophies.

Displaying Your Collections

Putting up your collections on display can be harder than you realize. First, you need functional storage for them, usually open shelves or tabletops. You may also need some wall space for framed decorations.

If you're displaying something as small as custom golf poker chip markers, then you'd also need some jars, bowls, or any other secure container for those. Meanwhile, to curate valuable travel souvenirs, you may need a glass-enclosed cabinet. But for trivial collections like maps, globes, and other travel-themed accessories, feel free to display them all over the place.

The key is to exhibit organization. Souvenirs and sports collectibles, no matter how precious they are, are ultimately clutter. So make them part of the space by displaying them creatively. Print your travel photos in black-and-white for a uniform look, then create a wall gallery using them. If you have a collection of jerseys and medals, consider framing them and hanging them to the wall as well. Using vertical spaces is a clever way to free up some storage and minimize clutter.

You may decide on a different theme, too, even if your man cave mainly revolves around sport or travel. In fact, consider matching it to your home's theme. For instance, if you have a rustic space, then extend its aesthetics to your man cave. That way, it would feel like one with your home.

Create a zone for sit-down conversations and games as well. A sophisticated lounge furnished with leather seats and a coffee table in the middle makes the perfect place for playing cards or chess or discussing lighthearted to serious matters.

With these amazing tips and ideas, your man cave will never fail to impress. But more importantly, it'll feel like an extension of your home, your mind, and your soul.

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