The Safest Modes of Travel during COVID-19

Many of the things that we were so used to doing before the pandemic have suddenly become outlawed. For instance, people found that they cannot walk freely to other places without wearing a mask. Riding on public transportation is also frowned upon during this time.

That’s the reason why a lot of things have gone online. People can select their food and have it delivered to their doorstep with a single click of a button. The same goes for their groceries—they can do it without having to go to the supermarket. There are other things they can search for online. For instance, they can find businesses providing transportation on the internet, such as companies offering chauffeur services and stores selling Honda cars online. People don’t even have to go to a car dealer during this pandemic.

There are many modes of transportation that have been deemed safe for the public to use as well. If you’ve got places to be and things to do even during the pandemic, you’ve come to the right place to search for the safest modes of travel.

The Risk Is Real

According to Celine Grounder, M.D., a former NYC assistant commissioner of health, the safest option is to avoid traveling right now. If you’ve got nothing important and nothing to accomplish by traveling, simply stay at home.

If you need to travel, always go for a road trip if you’ve got that choice. Traveling alone in a car or going on the road with a few companions—all of you coming from the same destination or household—is safest. You’re not sharing the space with strangers like you would if you’re traveling on a bus or a train.

You could rent a car if you haven’t got one, but you could always get one that’s slightly used or search online for a bargain price.

When Resting: Choosing the Right Short-term Rental

Many travels require you to stay in a hotel or in a place where there might be many people. If that’s the case, you should be vigilant about the people you’re staying in the accommodation with.

Check if there are people there who’ve been staying for some time. As for your room, if you can open the windows, opt to do so, even if it’s only during the morning. It will help lessen your risk of exposure, especially if it’s a busy season and quite a lot of people have already stayed at that place.

You could also call ahead and check with the people at the front desk to ensure protocols are being followed properly.


Avoid Travels on a Ship

It may or may not be specific to this form of travel, but the CDC has warned against travels on a cruise ship. It has proven to be one of the riskiest forms of travel during the pandemic.

Experts have studied how cruise ships were the perfect breeding ground for various illnesses and viruses like the one we’re battling right now. With many passengers and a lot of time spent in close quarters, there’s very little to no space for people to avoid others.

The CDC has already issued a statement that they’re working with the industry to address the health and safety of people at sea. If you’re thinking about traveling through a cruise ship, avoid it as much as possible at this time.

Don’t Spend Extended Time in Cramped Quarters

It’s good to refrain from spending extended periods in cramped quarters. This only heightens your chance of getting the virus. Places like the subway or the bus station are already areas where super-spreader events start; what more if you’re riding on the bus or the train?

That’s why the CDC and government authorities have decided to enforce rules that allow people to work from home. If your office cannot support such an arrangement, it’s better to take other forms of transportation rather than take the train or a bus.

Ride-sharing Has the Right Idea, But It’s Still Risky

Ride-sharing is something that most people see as a solution. Technically, you’re riding a private car to your office or destination, but you’re still sharing the ride with others.

If you are in this kind of transportation, remember to keep yourself safe. Wear your mask and always choose to practice safety protocols. You never know whether one of your companions is a carrier.

Better yet, if you don’t have anything important to do, don’t leave home at all. Always keep your safety in mind and that of the others to keep the virus at bay.

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