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The Fitness Conscious Diet: More Fish, Less Heart Attack

A good workout is not just about lifting weights and doing your cardio routine. Yes, you heard that right. You’re actually continuing your workout even outside the gym or in this case your home gym (given that the pandemic is still much an American reality). And that’s because diet plays a huge role in keeping your muscle in tone and giving them ample protein to grow. In fact, research shows nutrition has the biggest impact on getting fit. It’s even more important than the exercise itself.

Call diet the building blocks of our muscles and overall fitness. And yet, more often than not, we forget some of the best sources of proper diet. Top of that list is fish. First and foremost, you’d be missing out big time on one of the world’s best sources of protein. Even better, fish can be your best ally in the fight against diseases of the heart. A quick look at how heart disease claims the lives of over 600,000 Americans every year is mind-blowing.

Putting fish central to your diet can indeed give you a better shot at fitness. It should be a staple in your fitness-conscious diet. Here’s why.

Fights Heart Disease

You may not realize how much heart disease is giving America a big headache yearly. But as aforementioned, it takes a huge toll on human lives in the nation, coming down as the #1 killer disease. We’re talking about one person dying of heart disease every 36 seconds. That’s roughly half a dozen people ending up dead when you finish reading this article.

But not if fish can’t help it. Take note that fish is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. That means eating fish is spot on in the protection of your heart. Plus, it’s a great tool to reduce inflammation too.

The best source of omega-3s is cold-water fishes such as mackerel, sardines, herring, and tuna; on the other hand, fishes with lower-fat content such as cod and tilapia have lower levels, not to mention shellfish.

This also means that if you’re on the run, taking on a tuna poke bowl after a workout can open up an ocean of benefits to you. Already, a sensation since 2018, the Hawaiian poke bowl has taken the country by storm. Not only is a serving filled with heart-health promoting ocean bounty, but it’s also filled with leafy greens to give you a wide range of health benefits. Best of all, it’s delicious.

Small wonder why a fresh food franchise business opportunity offering poke bowls has risen to the fore these days. An army of Americans is keen on making healthy choices that matter, especially in these times when the virus is posing an existential threat to everyone. What’s even better, being in business with a tried-and-tested food franchise is a brilliant way to help people do just that.

And Then Some

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Indeed, there’s more to fish than meets the eye. Getting yourself a timely workout is a great start; eating fish to have as much vitamin D as you can get is following through. The vitamins, something you can get from the rays of the sun (in a healthy amount), can help build strong and healthy bones. Moreover, it gives your body the strength to overcome long sessions of training.

Take note that ample rest after a long workout session is key to your body’s timely recovery. Not being able to let your body rest can have negative consequences. This is the reason why working opposing muscles every day is best when hitting the gym. That way, your muscle groups have time to heal and repair.

This matters especially if you want to lose weight. When you rest, you will burn more calories as muscles burn more energy compared to fats.

Additionally, fish drives your body’s metabolism. And when that happens, you are able to break down the foods you eat faster upon work out. That’s another point for you to lose weight. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish speed up your metabolism, keeping you on track to lose those unwanted flabs faster.

Then, there’s injury recovery. When you put your body under stress, that could mean you’re prone to injury and accidents. And once again, omega-3 comes to your rescue. It is an amazing way to regenerate and heal your muscle.

Fish can do wonders in your overall fitness. For one, it has shown to be a timely ally in the fight against heart disease. Taking ample amounts of it should be paramount, for greater fitness and longer life.

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