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The Beauty of Riding a Train on Your European Vacation

The abundance of flight routes to various parts of the world has made it easier for every individual to visit any corner of this planet. Just a few clicks on the website of an online travel agency will get you a ticket to fly to Paris, France.

But there’s a drawback to this kind of development. Since it’s easier to fly to any part of the world, people don’t spend enough time enjoying the scenery around them. This is why if you plan to visit Europe soon, you should include in your list of must-dos a ride on a Switzerland train.

The Ultimate Swiss Tour

Riding on a Swiss train should be on the top of your list of things to do in Europe. You’ll never find a more beautiful train route than this.

The Swiss love their trains, and most of their routes pass through the most majestic sceneries you’ll ever see in Europe. From the Golden Pass Line to the Gotthard Panorama Express, you’ll get to see stunning landscapes, snowcapped mountains, and rustic towns filled with beauty and romance it feels like they came out of a fairytale book.

The Golden Pass Line

If you want to check out some of Switzerland’s gorgeous lakes, take the Golden Pass Line, which starts from the center of this landlocked state and connects with Lake Geneva.

Along the way, you’ll be able to see Lucerne, where you can feel like you’re being transported back in time. Get off the train and wander around this beautiful city. You’ll find plenty of landmarks that would look good on your Instagram account.

And don’t forget to take as many selfies as you can when you find Kapellbrücke, the wooden bridge that spans the Reuss River. It’s one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe, so look for this magnificent bridge and take as many photos as you can.

You can also check out the Lion of Lucerne aka Lion Monument, which is also in Lucerne. This rock relief commemorates the death of several Swiss Guards in 1792, during the French Revolution. The statue depicts a lion that’s mortally wounded and seems to be waiting to die.

Glacier Express

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If you’re up for some skiing or hiking, then you should take the Glacier Express and head to St. Moritz, one of the most beautiful locations in Switzerland. The Glacier Express will take you to the mountain village of St. Moritz where they have everything: a pristine lake (Lake Moritz) and wonderful mountains to do some skiing.

If you’re pretty much into winter sports, there’s no other better place to be in than St. Moritz. This place hosted the Winter Olympics in 1928 and 1948, and almost every European comes to visit this place for the ski resorts.

But if your cup of tea is more on taking in picturesque sceneries, St. Moritz isn’t short on that, as well. You can also take another train trip going through the Landwasser Viaduct, wherein you’ll get to see lush mountains and fields on both sides.

Taking a train trip through Switzerland is nothing short of miraculous because you’ll get to see beautiful landscapes everywhere that you might think you’re in heaven. If you’re planning your European trip, make sure that you get to see it onboard a Swiss train.

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