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Something for Everyone: Sentosa for the Eager Tourist

Taking its name from the Malay word for tranquillity, Sentosa is far more than just a relaxing getaway. The resort island today is an eclectic mix of beaches, resorts, and assorted attractions catering to a diverse array of travellers. There’s a lot to see and do in such a tiny island, which can make spending just one day on the island a very busy one.

Whether you’re doing everything in one day or taking in everything over several, one of the best ways to enjoy what Sentosa has to offer is to choose destinations based on interests. From the thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie to the laid-back nature lover, there’s something for almost everyone in Sentosa.

Thrill seekers’ delight

Many of Singapore’s most exciting destinations can be found in Sentosa. Some of the exciting destinations to get the adrenaline pumping include Skyline Luge, the ziplines at Mega Adventure Park, the roller coasters at Universal Studios. Closer to the water, the beaches offer an exhilarating array of water sports and activities for some wet and wild fun.

Soaking up the scenery

From the above and below, merely taking a stroll in Sentosa can be a delight. Travelling to the island via its two cable car lines can give travellers a stunning view of the island from a bird’s eye view, while a stroll down the trails can lead to spectacular scenery from below. As the day ends, hopping on board yachts like the Royal Albatross provides a stunning view of both the setting sun and the nighttime lights of central Singapore.

Child’s play

Both the young and the young at heart have much to do in Sentosa. An entire day can be spent at the many theme parks. More than just thrill rides, Universal Studios offers a broad plate of pop culture entertainment and dining options for the whole family. Meanwhile, children can take in a glimpse of the adult world at the miniature city within Kidzania Singapore.

Natural getaways

Singapore has made great strides in protecting its natural heritage, and Sentosa is no exception.  Even in the midst of the big city, there are still many pockets of wilderness that remain pristine and untouched. Sentosa Nature Adventure takes travellers through a guided tour of the island’s diverse natural treasures ranging from centuries-old trees to endemic carnivorous plants.

Even the islands’ busy beaches have a few less-than-famous spots that lay off the beaten path; observant viewers can witness a glimpse of the marine life that dwells just beneath the waters of the island. Travellers can also witness the world beneath the waves (without getting wet) in the S.E.A. Aquarium in Resorts World or interact with the smaller denizens of the natural world at the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom.

A spectacle for the senses

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Among the best ways to cap off a full day at Sentosa is getting tickets to Wings of Time. Telling the story of the mythic bird Shahbaz and his two human companions, this awesome half-hour show is presented against a backdrop of open water, combining grand music with breathtaking visual and pyrotechnic effects to showcase a journey across time.

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