Sky High: Awesome Airborne Toys for You to Enjoy

Imagine yourself hanging out on a patio. Life is good, and you can go out to the beaches whenever you want. It is quite nice to have the time to relax and chill to some music, while you sit out there sipping on that ice-cold bottle of beer. But of course, you also need some fun activities. You can still dabble with playing toys even as an adult. In fact, there are some out there that are designed for the grown-ups. Here are some that defy gravity. Your enjoyment of these toys should reach sky-high levels.


In recent times, drones have captured the interests of the young and old. These gizmos take flight by using four or more propellers around their body. These can be tilted to allow moving forward or sideways. They are enjoyable to watch as you take control of them. For some, it’s the closest you could get to piloting an aircraft. They come in different sizes, from the palm-sized to those that have frames that span several feet wide.

The modular approach to their design gives them a lot of functions. You can attach a camera if you want to take sweeping shots of landscapes. There are also tests being done to see if they are viable as a delivery tool. If the idea reaches fruition, it could open a lot of new doors for logistics. At this rate, if they get large enough and able to carry more weight, you might be looking at the future of human transport.

rc planes

RC Planes

A lot of little kids dream about what they think are adventurous occupations. One of these is becoming a pilot. The thing is, there are stringent requirements for that profession. In other words, many are called, but few are chosen. But for those who have accepted their fate, they can still live their dreams of flight with micro RC planes. Some models demand a good amount of focus and dedication from the hobbyist. If you are a hardcore aviation fan, you would have no problem building the plane yourself. This is not just some simple assembly. Not only do you have to complete the body, but you also have to work on the engine itself. There is a little manipulation of circuitry involved, but if you follow the instructions to a tee, you should be fine.

The scale models are fairly large, which is great if you are into detailing them. The size makes it easy to apply paint or decals. Taking flight is similar to their full-size counterparts. You would need a runway so they can gather speed and take off. The fun really begins when you start controlling the plane as it takes flight. Be mindful of your distance, though, as the range of your controller is limited. Once it gets out of range, a crash will be imminent.

Floating Toys

A lot of kids dream about having special powers, and one of them is having the ability to master nature’s elements. You may not be able to command the wind to go in the direction you want, but you can play around with it. Frisbees and boomerangs are great examples of things that make you test the values of aerodynamics and gravity. It is fun to have a competition with your friends on who can let these toys stay on the air the longest. After a few rounds, you start to think about the angle of your throws or applying a spin as you release them. It gets a little scientific, but that is what makes it fun.

The great thing about having these gravity-defying toys is they encourage you to go out and enjoy the outdoors. Many are spending their time just looking at TV or computer screens and never see anything beyond the walls of their house. Playing with these will show you that there is a world of possibilities out there.

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