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Six Must-have Home Safety Features

From robbers to accidents and natural disasters, there are lots of harmful scenarios that can potentially happen even in your own home. Fortunately, there are proactive steps that you can take to help minimize the occurrence of unwanted events. Take a look at the suggestions below to help you feel more at ease in your respective homes.

Have window film installed

Putting up UV window film shields your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. Aside from causing signs of premature ageing such as wrinkles and dark spots, too much exposure to UV rays can also increase your risk for skin cancer. Installing this is also an excellent way of minimizing glare, whether it be from sunlight, headlights, or surrounding buildings.

Also, it prevents excess heat from entering the room, creating a cooler environment. It is more efficient at doing this than untreated glass. Lastly, there are thick safety films that can add a layer of protection to your windows or sliding glass doors in case of breakage. This can be useful in robbery attempts and strong winds brought about by a storm.

Do not forget about the pet door

You may have locked the windows and doors, but have you locked the pet door as well? It would be best to secure all possible entrances to your home, especially if you have a medium-sized door for your pets. Install a lock on the pet flap so that you can bar it when it is not in use.

Get yourself a peephole

Having a peephole installed on your front door will allow you to identify the person standing on the doorstep, without cracking the door open even for just an inch. If you are concerned about someone using the peephole to look inside your house, there is no need to worry because it is not possible. The fisheye lens on the door viewer only works in a single direction.

Be prepared against fire

It would be a great idea to put fire extinguishers in an easily accessible area on every floor of your home. Aside from this, install smoke detectors on each floor and every sleeping area as well. This way you will be alerted to fire wherever you may be in the house, even if you or your family happen to be asleep.

Cover electrical outlets

Cover outlets that are not in use, especially if there are children in the house. Doing this can help prevent electrical shocks and electrocution. But you must make sure that the outlet covers cannot be easily taken off by children and that it is big enough for them not to choke on it (in case they decide to put it in their mouths when no one is looking).

Secure the furniture

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It would help a lot if you put corner and edge bumpers on your furniture. This can prevent nasty injuries in case someone falls against the sharp or pointy edge of a piece of furniture. Ensure that you will make use of bumpers that stay in place.

As the saying goes, prevention is infinitely better than cure. It would be wise to heed this piece of advice, especially if it is your family’s and your safety that is at stake. Now that you know what to do, go ahead and install some safety features around the house.

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