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Road Safety Tips You Might Not Know

Any motorist should know all about road safety before he or she is allowed to drive. But there are some road safety tips that even the most experienced or knowledgeable motorists do not know about.

So unless you work for a road safety company specialising in safety signs, read on and learn more about some precautions you might not be aware of. This way, you can be sure that you will stay safe no matter what.

Drive barefoot if you are wearing heels

A lot of people are not aware that driving barefoot is completely legal and safe. Your feet have enough traction in the soles that they will not slip whenever you are using the pedals.

Also, road safety experts say that it is even safer to drive barefoot than to drive with your high heels on because shoes like these are quite difficult to manage. They can slip easily while you are driving. Wearing high heels while driving also increases the risk of stepping on the wrong pedal.

There is a slight chance that you might hit the gas when you are supposed to hit the brakes, which can be fatal if you are driving fast. On top of that, you only use the tip of your foot to push on the pedals, which means you are not using the full force of your foot to hit the brakes if needed. That could lead to an accident.

Take a day off driving after a night of heavy drinking

You know the saying, ‘Do not drink and drive.’ Chances are you have followed this credo religiously. But even if you did not drive after a night of drinking, that does not mean when you wake up in the morning, you are already fit and fine to hit the road.

It takes some time for the alcohol you drank to get out of your system and driving in the morning after a night of heavy drinking will still hamper your ability to drive properly. Also, if you get pulled over by the cops, the amount of alcohol in your system will still be high enough to warrant an arrest on you. So take another day off and just ride the bus or taxi while the alcohol makes its way out of your body.

Do not binge on sugary drinks or coffee

drinking coffee while driving

While you are on the road and driving across states, you will be tempted to chug on energy drinks or sodas to keep you awake while driving. Do not do this because sugary drinks will indeed give you that burst of energy to keep you awake but after you have received your boost, your energy will dip suddenly and you will feel more tired than before.

Instead, ingest foods with low glycemic index, such as oatmeal, fruits, sweet potatoes and carrots. Drink lots of water, too.

These are just some of the road safety pointers you might not know about. Now that you have learned about them, you will be safer on the road than before.

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