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Starting a Career: Recreational Activities You Can Do This Pandemic

The pandemic has left many Americans bored out of their minds during the pandemic. There’s not much to do at home, and for the longest time, we have been in and out of quarantine protocols. As vaccines start to roll out and eventually transition to a more normalized society, the recreational activities we have to take need to be fruitful.

When many think about recreational activities, they think of hobbies or things they can do for fun. However, during this time and age, you can make recreational activities a part of your career. Some of these activities are worth starting right now. Here are some recreational activities that you can begin during the pandemic.


Music is one of the humblest professions in the world. Many of the professionals from this industry start not knowing much about it. Some of them don’t even have proclaimed talents when they were young. Some of the talented individuals in this sector only started it as a hobby. This is why music is on the top of this list because everyone can learn it as a hobby and then transition it into their careers.

The music industry is one of the most prominent industries in the world. It earned $65 billion and is expected to make more in the next few years. Anyone willing to join the industry with a bit of talent and know-how can earn a couple of thousand dollars as part of their side-gig alongside their main jobs. Those who dedicate full-time to it have the possibility of becoming big and earn millions of dollars throughout their careers. So how does one enter this industry?

Entering the music industry can be challenging at first. But right now, you can start by learning an instrument of your choice. There are many out there willing to teach you a particular instrument. You can even learn online. Some platforms may even teach you how to read musical notes. Once you’ve learned this, you can become a composer. It takes a couple of years of learning before you can join the industry as a professional. But you can easily do it as part of your sideline.

Close Combat Sports

If you’re looking to be fit while also learning some self-defense techniques, then the world of close combat sports for you. You can learn many forms of close combat sport right now, such as boxing, taekwondo, and martial arts. It’s just up to you which you would enjoy.

The mixed martial arts scene is worth $240 million and is expected to grow by 4% in the next few years. This means that there is a lot of room to grow, especially for those aspiring to enter this industry. Many of those who want to enter this industry started in training. Compared to other recreational activities in this list, this is an essential need to be a part of the industry.

Entering this industry also forces you to have your own protection and insurance because, essentially, you are investing in your body. Injuries can be tough to recover from without the necessary preparation. Consider getting a martial arts insurance quote before entering the industry. You don’t necessarily need this during training, but you’ll need it once you start participating in tournaments. It’s a good investment for a lasting career in this sector.

Ultimately, remember to be careful while practicing. Don’t push yourself too hard when doing this recreational activity, and only do so when you know you are safe. Investing in your body is the best way to go.


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Cooking is such an important role in society that joining the industry is pretty easy. But once you do, that’s when the grind truly begins.

The most significant industry in the cooking world is the fast-food industry. It’s valued at about one trillion dollars and is expected to grow even larger despite the pandemic. If you’re planning to practice some cooking, you’re most probably going to start in this industry. You read that right. You can start working straight off the bat as a part-time worker to enter this industry easily.

However, if you want the maximum experience, you must attend culinary school. It’s the best way to enter the restaurant business, which might be smaller than the fast food industry, but you can easily good revenue once you’ve built your own restaurant. Start off cooking as a hobby while the pandemic is around since you can do it in your home.

Here are some recreational activities that can land you on some interesting career paths in the future. As stated earlier, these can be a good side hustle. They can also be your full-time job in the future. Overall these are good choices to make if you’re planning to kill some time during the pandemic.

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