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Radiant Skin: A Sign of Good Health

‘Good’ skin has a lot to do with genetics, but healthy skin is about lifestyle. Putting in the necessary work to achieve healthy skin is the best way to guarantee a radiant glow. But not everyone’s journey to nice skin is the same. Genetics may make you prone to acne or skin tags and this will require a little more care than other people may have to take. Being vigilant with hydration, regular facials, or consulting with a dermatologist to discuss Botox injections are all reliable ways to manage your skin conditions.

The important thing is to find a combination of activities that work for you. This means combining a skincare routine with a hydration schedule, and an exercise routine. It can also include paying special attention to eating food that promotes healthy skin cell production. Finding out what works best for your skin will take some experimentation and time, but the results are well worth the effort.

You Need Sunblock

The importance of a lightweight, mineral-based SPF sunscreen cannot be stressed enough. Also, it is not just for sunny days. Sunblock does not just protect you from the direct light rays of the sun. It is intended to protect you from ultraviolet radiation which is present at all times.

Sunblock needs to be work every time you leave the house, all year round. UV radiation is the leading cause of skin pigmentation and uneven texture. It is not just good for protecting your skin from being burnt. UV radiation is carcinogenic and too much exposure without a sunblock could lead to melanomas.

Even if your makeup products include SPF, it is best to have an additional layer of sunscreen as well. Mineral sunscreens especially should be worn after doing makeup as it presents a physical barrier. Research the different types and find the one that works best for you, but never go below SPF 30 for any brand of sunscreen or sunblock.

Gentle Exfoliation

Everyone already knows that exfoliation is good for skin health, but the issue comes with the amount of exfoliation done. Also, using a harsh cloth or a grainy scrub can do more harm than good.

Opt to do light exfoliating with a gentle cleanser or a toner. This will help to wash away dead skin cells and smooth out your skin texture. It will allow for better absorption of your skincare products giving you greater benefits from them.

Eat Right

Healthy eating and digestion are linked to every aspect of our health. Overall digestive health promotes healthy skin, gives stamina, helps stave off depression, and reduces fatigue. With all these advantages, it is in your best interests to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Avoid heavily processed and sugary foods as this can lead to breakouts and poor digestion. Keep a food diary to log everything you eat as well. This can help you find out if you have a mild food intolerance that could also be triggering skin conditions.

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Add Variety to Your Diet

Supplements are great when you lead a busy lifestyle. But it is better for the body to ingest nutrients naturally. A great example of this is healthy fats. The body needs healthy fats to replenish its ability to make healthy and strong cells.

Healthy fats also help to keep the skin and hair properly moisturized and avoid dryness. Try adding nuts, avocado, salmon, and olive oil into your regular diet to see if your skin feels better.

Right Time of Day

There is the right time of day to apply your skincare products. Sunblock and sunscreen must be applied any time you leave the house and refreshed regularly. Night creams are always for bedtime, not for naps. Moisturizers and creams are best used immediately after bathing. This is when it can be absorbed better and will help to seal in moisture.

Easy Exercise

No one enjoys exercise at the beginning of their journey. But over time as the activities become easier, you will find that you enjoy the rush of it and the feel of your body’s strength and stamina.

Exercise increases blood flow, leading to better circulation and helping skin to heal faster and look better. Sweating is a great way to flush out impurities in the pores without resorting to chemicals and scrubs. You will notice that your skin seems to be more radiant around the time you realize you are beginning to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Maintaining healthy skin is a holistic effort on your part to leading a healthier lifestyle. It is about treating your entire body with kindness and giving it nutrients and activity so that it can be its best self. In the process, you achieve your best self too.

Skin-health promoting activities such as eating antioxidant-rich foods, getting enough sleep, and doing facial massages will help you in every avenue of your life. You will find that you have more stamina at daily tasks, that you are much less anxious, and that you greatly enjoy having to follow a skincare routine.

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