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Structuring an Active and Productive Weekday to Win in Life and Career

The world is changing and actively moving towards a working space, prioritizing mental health and work-life balance. With better conditions, the traditional office now acknowledges present demands and creates an area where employees can thrive in both their careers and personal lives.

If you’re part of a team that puts one’s well-being above all else, you now must have more time in your hands that you can use to bond with your family and spend doing activities you love. However, if you’re not careful with handling work and personal tasks, you might end up having fewer periods for yourself.

Even with ample idle time, efficient management is still essential. To help you spend your free time on things that can enhance your lifestyle, here are some habits you can try.

Work Out When You’ve Had Your Rest

Getting things out of the way is the purpose of time management, and if you can have extra help for it, the better. For example, you no longer have to spend time washing your clothes at home with a laundry service. You can spend your free time doing something more enjoyable instead.

With exercise, it’s better to have it out of the way early in your day when you feel refreshed and rested. Performing workouts after waking up can also give you the energy boost you need, may it be on a weekday or weekend.

Create Easy-to-Eat Bites

It’s good to savor breakfast, but you need to hurry and make your early commute if your residence is far from work. To cater to the workweek hustle and bustle, you can prep your breakfasts meals on the weekends and create food that you can easily digest.

Processed food is at the bottom of your choices. Since you have plenty of time to make it on your free days, you can put more thought into it by making healthy sandwiches made of whole-grain bread, nutritious meat, and veggies.

Leave Plenty of Room for Preparing for Work

With your breakfast accounted for, you now have time to get ready for work. Rather than rush into the office with a crooked tie, sweat beads on your forehead, all while struggling to take a breath, wouldn’t it be nicer to arrive at work well-rested and ready to power through your day?

When you take your time to get ready, you also prepare yourself mentally and get the time you need to think about your tasks for the day and even create ideas on how best to accomplish them.

Focus When You Need To

Even with an isolated cubicle or an enclosed room, it’s challenging to distance yourself from distractions when you need to put your total concentration on your workload at hand. To maximize your time in the office and accomplish tasks quickly so you won’t have to log in overtime, you can get browser extensions.

These programs limit your visits to work unrelated sites like your social media accounts and keep tabs on your present tasks to tell you what duties you’ll need to accomplish next.

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Take Your Breaks on Time

Taking your breaks on time can also serve as motivation. Many professionals take their breaks late into the day or not at all to finish urgent tasks.

To bolster your productivity in the office, you can encourage yourself to go through your workload and accomplish some of it before your breaks. Disallowing yourself from skipping short and lunch breaks can also help you in being more time conscious.

Move on the Way Home

Considering that you have spent seven or more hours seated, your body probably lacks circulation, leading to bad digestion amongst many other issues.

To improve your circulation and get a light exercise, given that you’ve already worked out early in the morning, you can cycle on the way home, walk, or change into a running outfit so you can comfortably jog. By moving, you can get better sleep and replenish your energy levels for the coming day.

Dedicate Time to Unwind

After beginning your day early with an exhausting activity and riding on the energy boost you got from your early exercise, you’ll already feel exhausted by evening. As a reward for making the most out of your time for an entire day, you can spend a couple of hours doing something that can help you relax and one that you find fun.

For instance, you can watch a movie, catch up on a recent episode of a series you’re following, play a game, or chat with loved ones and see how their days went.

Final Thoughts

Mustering your best and performing to the top of your skills at home and work during a hectic weekday is a feat not everyone can achieve. Still, when you factor in everything that affects your day, you can create a schedule where you’ll have time for work, rest, and play.

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