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Prepare for Your Post-Covid Travel by Learning These Essential Like Skills

If there is one thing every outdoorsy individual misses, that is that ability to travel anytime they want. Thanks to the pandemic, it made traveling a tricky business. As we shelter in place, we can’t help but think about how awesome it would be to be able to travel without worries again. The future looks bright thanks to the development of many vaccines. But as we wait for the crisis to calm down, what we can do is prepare ourselves for the time we can do out and enjoy traveling again.

You may have a change of heart and now wants to be able to travel as often as you can in the future. You may have also embraced a new job that allows you to work wherever you like. But before you kick start your plans to be an expert traveler, know that there are many skills worth learning to make your travels worth it.

Expert travelers should have different skills that can help them navigate varying situations. The right skills can help you save money, find help when you need it and offer help in return. If you are serious about traveling more often in the near future, these are some skills worth learning as early as now.

Basic Survival Skills

It does not matter if you intend on traveling alone or not. Basic survival skills can make a huge difference between life and death. So, make sure you invest enough time to learn basic survival skills for yourself and other people’s sake.

For one, it pays to learn how to start and tend to a fire, hunt or forage for good, camp, and cook. Learn how to read a map and compass, build a temporary shelter and find and purify water. Learn how to tie a basic knot, ways to defend yourself and how to use a first aid kit.

Know how to dress a wound and ways to stop it from bleeding. It is also a must that you learn how to do CPR. If you plan or traveling with a high-risk individual, then getting a CPR and AED basic life support certification is a must.

Fix a Car

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Just because you don’t drive already means you should simply rely on strangers and local mechanics all the time. Don’t stop learning just because you now know how to drive, park, and clean your own car. Go the extra mile by knowing basic car maintenance repairs.

You should know to change your fluids, replace old spark plugs, and jump-starting a car. Aside from the regular car maintenance, a few car repairs are also a must-know. This includes changing a flat tire, charging a car battery, and replacing air filters.

Once you get to know basic car maintenance and repair, you will gain better confidence to set out on a journey on your own. You will no longer need to ask a stranger or mechanic to change your flat tire. You can also avoid paying a mechanic just to change your fluids or replace your air filters.

How to Haggle

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There are many ways you can save money while traveling. You can download apps to book budget-friendly flights, accommodations, and cheap-but-worthy local restaurants. You can create a budget and use a travel budget app to easily track your finances.

But one skill that is worth your time is haggling. Negotiating is an art that can help you save hundreds of dollars while traveling. This allows you to enjoy products and services at the best prices.

Haggling can also help you stretch your budget. If you have other skills to share, you can use them as part of your negotiation tactics. You can even get freebies if you master the skill of haggling.

How to Swim

Many people can’t swim. You get to experience different destinations if you know how to swim. This is especially true if you love going to the beach, would want to try different water activities or even water sports.

Sure, you can always bring with you a life vest. But then, you can never tell when your swimming skills will be handy. You can save yourself or even others who can really use your help while on the water.

It would also be such a shame if you can’t interact with the marine wildlife in your destinations. There are so many things to see and learn in the waters. So, get your swimwear on and start perfecting basic swimming skills.

There are many other skills worth your time learning. All these and more can help you get the most out of each of your travel. Now that you still have lots of time to prepare for your next trip, make sure you gradually add skills to your bank.

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