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Physical Fitness for Men: Ways to Become Physically Fit amid the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted a lot of people around the world. At the onset of the outbreak, the pandemic forced individuals and families to stay indoors. Some people have even worked from home (WFH), while students have relied on online education.

Apparently, the pandemic has compelled people to have a sedentary lifestyle, including men. People have spent most of their time online, surfing the internet, browsing social media, and playing online games. Even men have given up their physical activities, such as hitting the gym and playing sports.

It’s good that the pandemic restrictions have become lighter. People have started going outdoors but still with health and safety measures. Now, men should consider getting back to their fitness routines.

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That said, here’s how to promote your physical fitness as a man during this pandemic:

1. Walk regularly

It’s no secret how you’ve become physically inactive for the past few months. Now that you’re allowed to go outdoors, it’s a good idea to take a walk regularly. Walking comes with a handful of benefits, yet it’s an easy form of exercise. You can walk anywhere at any time, whether running some errands, doing the groceries, or having a brisk walk in the neighborhood. You can even maintain social distancing while walking amid the pandemic. Lastly, walking is a great reset to your physical fitness routine.

2. Run and jog

Apart from walking, you can step up your physical fitness through running and jogging. Yes, you can jog around your neighborhood early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you’re into running during pre-pandemic, you can gradually go back to running. Both running and jogging can be excellent forms of cardiovascular exercise. Not only will these make you physically fit, but they will also make you healthy.

3. Have home exercises or hit the gym

The COVID-19 crisis had closed fitness centers at the onset of the pandemic. Most men who used to go to the gym regularly before the pandemic had to find an alternative. That is where the rise of home gyms has come into the picture. It’s a good idea to set up your home gym, invest in workout tools and equipment, and perform home exercises. But as most commercial establishments have already reopened this year, consider going back to the gym. It’s time to get back to your usual grinds!

4. Try calisthenics

If you aren’t the kind who enjoys hitting the gym, you can try calisthenics too. Calisthenics is a strength training form performed through bodyweight exercises with minimal equipment. Think of the bar workout that you can perform in the park. You have to carry your body and perform various movements rhythmically. As most public places such as parks have reopened, you may want to try calisthenics. It’s better than spending your money on going to the gym.

5. Eat properly and stay hydrated

Physical fitness doesn’t limit to exercises and physical activities. Crucial parts of the overall equation are proper nutrition and hydration. Yes, you need to eat properly and drink plenty of water regularly to stay physically fit. In fact, fitness experts say that working out does 30 percent of the job, while proper nutrition is responsible for 70 percent of your physical fitness. Therefore, make sure to monitor your food and drink consumption.

6. Get enough rest and sleep

Another vital consideration is taking enough rest and sleep. The truth is, working out every day won’t work wonders on your body, as you need to have some time to rest. While at it, you need to get restful and restorative sleep. Why? This resting time is when your body heals after an extensive workout. If you don’t, you defeat the purpose of exercising. You won’t get the desired results you’re expecting.

7. Visit your doctor regularly

Becoming physically fit and healthy involves regular visits with your doctor. Sure, you may be exercising consistently and eating healthily. However, it helps if you have a routine checkup with your physician. If they notice some health issues, they can treat these problems immediately. For instance, if they see a potential cyst growing in your body, you can instantly get an open MRI test. After the diagnosis, you’ll get proper medical treatment. In the end, what good is working out regularly if it doesn’t make you healthy?

At this point, you now know how to become physically fit and active during this pandemic. Consider the physical fitness routines recommended above, from walking regularly to trying calisthenics to visiting your doctor regularly. Know that physical fitness is good for your overall health and well-being. Once you see the value of physical fitness, nothing can stop you from being physically active — not even a pandemic!

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