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Planning an Outdoor Movie Night with the Gang

The holidays are here, which means it is time for the much-awaited reunions with your friend groups. Since there are still concerns regarding COVID-19, you and your buddies may be wondering how to put together a celebration that stays sensitive to the worries of each person. At the same time, you don’t want to compromise the enjoyment of coming together.

Your get-togethers are just going to require some creativity to prioritize both fun and safety. One surefire way to get everyone excited about meeting up again is staging an outdoor movie night in your own backyard. It is much easier than you probably think it is, too.

Let us guide you through the important steps to help you and your buddies set up an unforgettable holiday party.

Initial Things to Take Care Of

There are three primary concerns for an outdoor cinema party with friends. Employ the help of your bros to straighten out these details ahead of time.

  1. Settle on your venue

You will need a spacious outdoor area to put up your outdoor cinema. Check amongst your friend group to see who has a big backyard that can accommodate the cinema setup and the number of guests.

You must also check if your homeowners’ association allows such outdoor setups or if you need to get additional permits. You can also check if you can get clearance to set up at your local park if that is more convenient for everyone. Inspect your venue, too, if you can haul equipment on your own or if custom lifters from professionals are needed.

  1. Prepare for your tech needs

Firstly, you need a projector. If none of you already have home projectors or portable projectors that you can use, there are plenty of rentals to get complete equipment. These packages usually include a projector, a big screen, and sometimes even speakers.

Portable projectors rely on batteries, so you will not worry about the power source. However, check battery life to avoid abruptly cutting your night short because of a dead battery.

A standard projector may be better, but make sure you have an outdoor outlet to plug it into. If you need an extension cord, check its power capacity beforehand to prevent electrical issues or accidents.

For your screen, you can always improvise with a white sheet tacked onto a wall, but note that an actual projector screen will have better image quality. Be particular about this because the brightness of the outdoor area may get in the way of your viewing experience.

Bring out your Bluetooth speakers, too, to ensure good audio despite the outdoor ambiance.

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Plan Your Party

Now that you have your outdoor cinema setup ready, it is time to get to the more exciting details.

  1. Decide on a movie night theme

Arguably the most anticipated part of your party planning is deciding what movies you will watch. You can always go the traditional route of holiday movies, but it will be more memorable to think outside the box and go for something more thrilling.

For instance, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been coming up with numerous new releases lately, you can backtrack and marathon the movies from the first Iron Man movie. If you are up for a challenge, try watching the MCU movies in chronological order and see what Easter eggs you find.

  1. Play some games afterward

Games are a great way to keep the party alive even after your movie viewing. Assign someone to be the game master and let them create a trivia quiz to test your knowledge of the movies you just watched. This will be even more exciting if your whole crew is a huge fan of the series or films you marathoned.

For a general game that caters to everybody’s preferences, play charades or casual games such as UNO, Jenga, or Cards Against Humanity. These games are also a great idea if everyone feels a little spent after watching so many movies.

  1. Don’t forget the booze

What’s a party without the drinks, right? Aside from your party chow, prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for everybody. Stock up on ingredients for mixed drinks, too, in case anyone is up to make some cocktails.

Since you will be outdoors, it helps to have an outdoor bar to make preparing your drinks easier. If not, a cooler and a table should be enough to keep your drinks cool. You can even keep the drinks in the refrigerator inside the house and then take them out later.

Follow these easy steps for an easy DIY outdoor cinema setup for your parties with friends.

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