Out for New Blood? Hiring Secrets in the Coronavirus Era

As the coronavirus wreaks havoc on the American economy and places almost everyone on standby mode, more companies are adapting to online operations. While that should be logical, it puts a strain on human resources, most notably on the hiring process. It’s called a strategic retreat. Now, you can’t entertain walk-in interviews or give away flyers on a thriving mall. The malls are no longer throbbing with business as before and applicants wouldn’t want to risk an in-person interview.

So how do you get a workaround to pull you through such a highly-challenging hump on the road? Of course, you can’t let the competition walk over you and eat your business. If you need to hire, then you should.

The good news is if you need to fill a spot right now, there are ways you can maximize your results even when working remotely. These are all common sense. But sometimes, in our knee-jerk reaction to the torments of the virus, it’s easy to lose touch with the essentials. Here are some you need to look into.

A Time of Great Opportunity

As so much suffering surrounds us and is bleating agony through the news channels, there’s a tendency for us to conclude that things are getting chaotic. And you can’t be wrong. To a certain degree, it is.

But it may not be a bad time for recruitment. Yes, you heard that right.

Think about it. As businesses close, many Americans are out of a job. That means you have a wider pool of applicants available to you. The work now should be to be able to seize the day and zero in on a right fit.

Moreover, remote work has become a bigger reality for more and more Americans. What this means is these workers will be in a better position to receive recruitment calls, another bonus point for you.

Plus, psychology could be in your favor too. The realities of the virus made people realize widening their job options is not a bad thing. As many assumptions are being questioned, many Americans are looking into the possibility of new roles.

Technology to the Rescue

online interviewRemember though that recruiting is a race. You are competing against other recruiters who also are aware of the times. In effect, you are looking at the same salad bowl, hoping to be the one to gobble it up.

It’s essential then for companies to ensure recruiters are well-equipped to keep the applicant pipeline coming. While experience can certainly play a huge role in snapping up the right candidates, relying on technology can be a game-changer.

For instance, it’s no accident Skillfuel has become a go-to company for many online recruiters these days. Not only do you get all-in-one recruitment management software with the company, but their online support is topnotch. For one, the 24/7 software access should give you a headstart.

In short, the right technology should give you a hand in closing in on the right talent. That way, you become as efficient as can be in your recruitment calendars and don’t botch things up.

Onboarding Candidates

Even when your online hiring strategy is changing to adapt to the times, you should be proactive in handling applicants. Again, it’s all about culture. And the first thing that a wannabe employee wants to see is proper handling.

It’s important therefore that you keep your candidates abreast of the developments of their application. Best of all, you need to show heart. Do things emphatically.

Why? Call it recruitment branding. When you handle applicants right, you will attract better talents to your organization. People are bound to remember those companies that keep them in the loop, informing them of updates through and through the hiring process.

The name of the game is building trust. And little things can go a long way in building it up. For instance, a personalized approach should work wonders. Instead of the usual auto email response, sending a personal note while addressing them in their first name can make your company stand out. And show that you care.

It’s important that your onboarding process is outlined clearly. Take note that remote work can be a great way to attract talent. So, ensure you offer to work from home at the start. That should put you in a strong position to zero in on a top-drawer talent.

Additionally, connect your new hires to the organization. Make the most of Zoom meetings and other teleconferencing apps. Warmth in their welcome can foster a stronger bond for everyone. And yes, why not take the newly acquired workers on a virtual tour to your office. It shows cohesion and invites collaboration. So long as you’re ready to go the extra mile, getting new blood need not be a tall order.

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