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Motorcycle Accidents: Get an Insurance Policy to Cover Your for These Common Incidents

There is the universal truth that every person knows and believes. When you are outside of the comfort of your own home, you are exposed to dangers and risks. If it’s not due to your negligence–you practice safety measures and follow road signals and signs–then it is because others don’t. This is especially true with motorcyclists.

In 2016 alone, the motorcycle fatality rate was at 60.9 for every 100,000 registered unit. People need to take extra safety precautions when riding on a motorcycle since it involves human life and the possible disruption of the normal traffic flow. In this article, we’ll be talking about the common causes of motorcycle accidents in Chicago.

The deadly left-turn

It can be you or the motorist in front of you that makes the left turn. For example, a car in front of you misjudges your speed and instantly makes a sharp left turn in that intersection that leads to a nasty accident. Blame that on inattention, blind spots or what-not, but it can lead to a tragic end. To avoid this, always practice driving behind a vehicle with a considerable gap so that there is time for you to perform evasive actions, such as slowing down and braking. Drivers often forget to use their signal lights to indicate turns. They usually just quickly glance to where the wheels are directed to can be an indicator, so watch out for that, as well.

Riding a motorcycle too fast

Yes, we get it. Driving a motorcycle is fun and exhilarating, but if you are careless about it, you are only speeding towards your untimely death. Remind yourself of the speed limit for that particular area and always be mindful of the turns and open roads. There might be a car that crosses your path, and if you are driving at such high speed, the crash will inevitably be bigger.

Inattention to road signs and hazards

This plays a part in some of the motorcycle incidents riders are getting into. Some of them are unaware that an on-going bridge construction is up ahead and yet they continue to speed up and use both lanes because they feel like it. What if there are slick surfaces that your motorcycle can slide into? Talk about the potholes and cracked pavement that can maneuver your motorcycle into a zigzag of motions.

Defective motorcycle

man fixing motorcycle

Some owners just go out for a ride without checking first if their motorcycle is at its optimal state for driving. Inoperable brakes are the common motorcycle part that largely contributes to such incidents. Always observe how your engine and other parts function whenever you are on the road, this shall determine if you need a quick tour to your trusted service provider.

Other motorists and you share a road. Incidents happen, and it’s not just a single person that is affected. It’s the whole community that may suffer. To get a better sense of assurance and security for your well-being, you can always purchase a motorcycle insurance policy in Chicago or in any other areas from where you are residing.

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