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A Closer Look at the Modern Man

We’ve come a long way since in terms of what society considers the modern man to be. In terms of appearance, sexuality, personality, financial and many other aspects, the definition of being a man has changed in many ways. However, there are still some tried and true realities that are still upheld in modern societies.

Taking a closer look at what exactly it means to be a modern man means shrugging off the outdated norms we’ve placed on ourselves and being comfortable in our masculinity. Whether that means you resemble a more laid back and classic persona or a more forward personality, staying true to who you are at your core and not being afraid to show your true colors while still being respectful of society is what we’ve come to in the modern era.

It can be easy to fall for the do’s and don’ts that have come out of society in recent years. Every attitude and personality trait gets picked apart to resemble what everybody else thinks they should mean and not what they actually mean on an individual level. The intentions behind a gentleman’s actions and how he chooses to execute them remain the mark of a man.

Cancel culture is quick to pass judgment on what actions are deemed by society as unacceptable or problematic, but even these fads are quick to flip and change as time goes on. The significant difference in society today and in men, more specifically, is how exposed we’ve become to the ramifications of our actions to other members of society. Holding ourselves accountable for our actions while still allowing ourselves to be who we want to be in society is a balancing act that’s required in the modern era.

Be comfortable in your masculinity

While the mainstream media may have you thinking otherwise, it’s okay to be comfortable in your masculinity. Allowing others to project themselves however they choose to present themselves with no fear of judgment from their peers appeals to every member of society, not just men. Expressing your interest in your favorite sports team, like wearing their jerseys or having parties on game days, doesn’t automatically set you back a decade.

Your genuine hobbies and interest will supersede the current societal expectations and aren’t something you should compromise in order to appear more modern. However, masculinity can also mean different things for different people. Being comfortable in yourself doesn’t necessarily mean sticking to outdated connotations of what it means to be masculine; it means defining and exploring that within your own personal experience.

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Working with your hands

While modern society portrays the modern man as Silicon Valley experts and the wolf of wall street professionals, working with your hands continues to be an art form many men are versed in. Knowing how to easily fix a leaky faucet or change your car’s oil is a skill set that has become increasingly underrated. DIY projects that have you building a gazebo from scratch, changing your kitchen tiles, or building a personalized workstation continue to be valuable, despite the value society attaches to them. In practice, all of these skills come in handy more than one would think, and there’s also something truly satisfying about finishing a project from start to finish with your hands.

Be in control of your finances

In the era where debt reigns supreme, it’s important to be in control of your finances. It not only showcases your foresight and critical thinking skills but also highlights your good qualities as a partner and as an individual member of society. Even as bringing home the bacon is no longer considered as something to only be expected from men, being familiar with the financial landscape is a knowledge base that benefits you, regardless of your sex.

Understanding the value of saving and investing your money instead of sinking it into depreciating assets will reap you outstanding benefits in the long run. Diversifying your investments in areas like the stock market, foreign currencies, real estate, and mutual funds all provide you with a wide array of liquidity and risk. Engaging experts in their fields like real estate agents, stock and forex investment brokers also help guide you in making the decisions that best fit your personality and appetite for risk.

The concept of a modern man lies in the eyes of different people in society. The opinions that matter most are yours and the ones you hold near and dear. Gaming, sports, automobiles, finances, and construction projects are all timeless interests that aren’t bound by society’s trends. Things aren’t inherently meant for only one sector of society. Being authentic and proud of your interests and being responsible for your actions matter more than what social media would have you believe.

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