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Metal Screws: The Materials Used in the Construction Industry

Many people hardly recognise the importance of a screw until they need to use it for a certain application. This often unnoticed fasteners forms an integral part of any industrial application. However, not all screws are the same. The differences will dictate the fastening processes that will be necessary.

Whether an application uses stainless steel metal screws or copper screws, they could prove to be life-threatening if they are not used right. The wrong screws will make the joints weak and could lower the overall lifespan of the structure it is fastening.

Contractors need to pay attention to the screw material they are using. Most distributors offer a supply of high-quality fasteners in varied options. For instance, some of these screws will be made of the following materials:


Steel screws are the most commonly found type on the market. They are also the most affordable among all the available options. It is a prudent thing to assess the use of the screw before you make a purchase, though. Even if the screws are made of steel, they will have sub-types. For example, some screws are designed to handle large forces. A project that will have to withstand heavy traffic, for instance, will need such high strength screws.


Aluminum screws are often more expensive than their steel counterparts, but they offer some advantages that justify its price. For example, they are light so they can be used in lightweight applications. They are also ideal for use in cases where weight is essential. In addition, you can polish it to make it shine. If you have a project that needs aesthetic appeal, aluminum is the way to go.


Organizer box with screws and screwdriverIf you are running a project where corrosion resistance is critical, copper is the right material to go for. Copper screws work best in applications where salt water is a problem. To make the screws stronger, copper is often mixed with nickel.


If you are concerned about weight and using aluminum is not an option, beryllium screws come a close second. However, the screws tend to be brittle so they work best in electronic applications, for example, where strength is not so much the concern. They can also be used in other applications with low shear forces.


Titanium provides the best features of aluminum and steel. It is durable and light. Titanium screws are commonly used in the car industry and aircraft. The downside of the screws is that they are expensive.

Screws are simple parts. The most common types are ridge-shaped, having a thread around a cylinder. The head is often shaped like the wrench or screwdriver meant to open it. The head of the screw has to be bigger than the body. The idea is that the cylindrical part holds the joint in place while the head provides access. Many people will look at the structure alone when buying a screw. However, it is crucial to consider the material. The kind of material will determine where you can use the screw and whether or not you need other things like shanks.

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