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Maximize Your Earning as a Personal Trainer with this Guide

Working as a personal trainer comes with incredible benefits. You can have some flexibility in your work schedule. You can choose to be your own boss and get 100% of your earnings. But one remarkable thing about being one is that you get to provide people with perspiration, motivation, and inspiration. People ask for your help to lose weight or stay healthy and fit, making this career undeniably fulfilling.

However, even though this is more like a passion to you, we all know that it’s a job. A way to make a living. If you think your current income isn’t enough to sustain your lifestyle, or you want to earn more, we have some practical tips in here to help you maximize your earning potential while improving your career.

1. Build relationships

Attracting more clients can obviously lead to higher income. By harnessing the power of referrals, you can connect to individuals looking for a personal trainer and fill up your vacant hours. Make an effort to build relationships with other fitness professionals to reach a new market. You can build a network with other personal trainers, fitness instructors, expert nutritionists, massage therapists, and physiotherapists. You can send them clients, and they’ll be more than happy to recommend you to theirs too.

2. Find ways to upskill

It’s plainly easy to ask for a higher price for your service, but if you want to make it reasonable, you should be able to present better qualifications. For instance, you can acquire a fitness continuing education course for personal trainers to become a registered professional in the industry.

You can also take short training or free workshops to learn other specific skills related to fitness such as meal planning, nutrition, sports and condition, and massage. Improving your qualifications can help you establish a higher price range for your fitness sessions and programs. You can sell yourself if you don’t have impressive qualifications.

3. Conduct one-on-one training

This is probably one of the most in-demand types of training today and certainly a good-paying service. If you’re still not offering one-on-one training to your clients, you’re losing a great amount of money. You can offer this service as a freelance trainer who can conduct your sessions online or visit the client’s home. Or, you can opt to work in a gym and offer it as exclusive training.

However, one-on-one fitness training should only act as an extra offer in addition to group training. Using this as your main source of income may not be too fruitful, so make sure to diversify your offers to avoid burnout.

4. Offer group fitness classes

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Speaking of group training, this service is another smart way to maximize your income. This particular training involves multiple participants in an in-person or online fitness class. Thousands of individuals pay for these classes to stay fit and create new friends at the same time.

Bear in mind, though, that while it’s tempting to accommodate as many people as you want to have a higher earning, it’s still best to only accept the number of individuals that you can actually train properly. Otherwise, you will have a poor reputation in handling such classes and won’t acquire new clients or open another session.

5. Create package services

Another trick to maximize your income from your exclusive and group classes is to offer them in a package. Charging by the hour for fitness sessions may be a good way to increase your income, but this does not guarantee client retention. To ensure you won’t lose a client within a day or week, you can offer a fitness package or program in which clients have to pay for an entire week or month of sessions. Securing a high income is financially better for you instead of making more money in just one session.

For example, you can offer a unique package that includes a lifestyle guide, a personal meal plan, and a certain number of training sessions at a more affordable rate. Another option would be creating membership programs wherein there’s a set monthly fee. Your programs could include access to standard training plans or resources made by you. Want to offer higher fees? Create different levels and values of services such as personal fitness plans and regular one-on-one training.

Indeed, working as a personal fitness trainer is an amazing and healthy career to grow and succeed. Aside from helping others take care of their health and wellness, you also get to do what you love. The best part? You can earn as much as you want in this career!

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