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Maximize Your Outdoor Space and Get Excited About Your Home Again

It’s no surprise that cabin fever is slowly starting to sink in after spending the better part of a year in our homes. Even as the world begins to open back up again, which allows us to spend more time outdoors, the majority of us are still spending the majority of our time indoors. Working from home, virtual schooling, and online shopping have made it possible for almost every family member to get things done from home. Despite the incredible convenience this has brought, our home environments have struggled a bit in the race to take on so many roles.

Our homes acting as pseudo-offices, classrooms, gyms, or even restaurants, have caused some of the lines to blur. What was once a space we considered restful or recreational can now feel like a space where we’re forced to be productive. The prolonged period at home has also opened our eyes to any apparent problems our homes may have. From a leaky faucet to a creaky floorboard, even the most minor details catch our attention more. If you’re looking for a new project to sink your teeth into and start enjoying your home again, here are some of the most popular and helpful home renovation projects you should consider.

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A Multipurpose Shed

If you’ve got the open space on your property, then one of the best additions to your home would definitely be a shed. As mentioned above, the time we’ve spent at home during the lockdowns has blurred the lines of which spaces are for what in our homes. Building a shed significantly helps separate these spaces, especially if it’s a physically different structure from your home. Sheds nowadays aren’t just considered for storage; they can be used for a multitude of things, from a home office to a pandemic classroom for kids.

Simple wooden sheds are also relatively easy to build. Comprised of an apex roof, a single door, and some fixed windows, if you’re looking for a straightforward build, then this is it. This is also a great addition to your home if you’re not comfortable letting any workers onto your property quite yet.

The Deck of Your Dreams

Decks are another great addition to your outdoor space. In the same vein as sheds, decks can serve as an area to relax, exercise, and just enjoy some time outdoors. Decks are also great for entertaining in the new normal as you can have parties or family dinners in open spaces, which will help reduce your worries. Decks are a little more complicated than a shed because you’ll have to consider its structural integrity more as it’ll carry a heavier load than a shed’s base that’s on land. Due to the fact decks are raised, the quality of your materials and the quality of your work will play a bigger role in the end product.

Manufactured wood boards are the best choice if you’re a beginner as they’re easy to stain and waterproof. However, these can splinter or crack over time. If you’re looking for more long-lasting materials, you could also consider composite or PVC boards which can last longer when well taken care of and last longer against the elements.

The Pool You’ve Always Wanted

Pools and hot tubs have been some of the most popular additions to homes all across the country in the new normal. It’s a great way to bring the family together and have some fun from the safety of your own home. Having a pool is also great for those looking to exercise since swimming is a great form of cardio and allows you to do low-impact exercises in the water. However, this might not be a project you’ll want to take on by yourself. A lot goes into building a pool for excavation, plumbing, tiling, and just the overall integrity of the build. It’s best to contact a local professional to make sure you’re getting the best build.

Along with a pool comes the surrounding pool area. A pool house, outdoor kitchen, or pergola can add a lot to your pool space. Privacy is another thing to consider when building a pool as you’ll want to keep prying eyes away, so fencing is another factor to consider. Relatively easy fencing with aluminum fence posts and wooden boards is both quick and cost-efficient.

Final Thoughts

Maximizing your outdoor space can help you start enjoying your time on your property again. The fresh air, sunlight, and new activities help you feel less cooped up while also giving you new and enjoyable spaces.

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