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Man of the House Repairs: DIY Solutions for Better IAQ

Indeed, times have changed. If you don’t agree to that, you may have been living in a cave somewhere in the Himalayas off the grid for years now. For starters, technology has made it possible to talk to someone on the other side of the globe in minutes, seconds even. For some, the change was sporadic. While for some, these changes were gradual. Or better still, let’s say the change is still an ongoing process.

But along with these tech changes comes changes in attitude. One good example is that men help out more around the house now compared to years back.

Let’s face it. Movements have allowed women to earn their keep like men. It’s all for good. The end result? You may have to do the cleaning and washing and keeping the house in order. The good news is it isn’t as hard as you think; a little guidance should help you.

And what better way to care for your precious abode than to ensure IAQ, or internal air quality, is high. Never fear. Here are simple DIY tricks you can try out that would make a lot of difference.

Change Filters Always

The first thing you can easily do is change filters for your air conditioner. When it comes to improving the IAQ of your home, your air conditioner has a large role to play. In general, the filters of systems in your home should be changed from time to time.

Over time, the accumulation of dust and dirt in the filters happens. Be warned! As long as the systems are being used without being changed, the dust and dirt will be circulated in the air. And this causes poor indoor air quality, putting your health on the line.

Changing filters for your air conditioner isn’t as difficult as it sounds. With proper guidance to changing the filter, you wouldn’t have a hard time handling this. And before you know it, you can improve the IAQ of your home.

Just in case things don’t go as planned, don’t fret. Call in the cavalry if things get sticky. Having professionals with experience maintain your air conditioner should be wise. Not only do you ensure things go well, but you also save a lot of time and money. Truth be told, these experts can get things going in no time at all.

Indoor Plants to the Rescue

indoor plants

Another DIY option to help improve IAQ in your home is bringing in indoor plants. Many times, we opt for air fresheners in our homes. And that’s alright. But take note. Air fresheners are not as effective as plants. Surprised? Know that even though air fresheners make the house smell nice, they contain a lot of chemicals. And this also causes pollution rather than improving IAQ.

So the best bet for you would be to opt for indoor plants. According to NASA, indoor plants are natural, and they help improve air quality in your home. Plants can do a lot more work in homes.

When opting for plants, make sure you opt for purifying houseplants. This is very important because not all indoor plants do a great job of purifying the air in your home. And it would be a waste getting such plants.

After getting all the plants, take time to create a garden in your home. It’s not as hard as you think. You can have a portion inside your home where all the plants are located. These are great indoor garden ideas you can opt for in your home.

Mudroom Space to the Rescue

Another DIY tip is a mudroom in your home. You have no idea just how many toxins and chemicals we bring into our homes daily. To make matters worse, we also bring germs into the house.

It’s true. When we go out, we come in contact with a lot of things. Our clothes, shoes, gloves, and every other thing we have on comes in contact with so many things. Many of which can pollute the air in our home. We unknowingly bring everything back into our home, and then they get evaporated into the air. Thus causing pollution.

One way out of this is to have a mudroom where all the things are dumped when we get back. That way, the whole house isn’t exposed to toxins, chemicals, and germs.

Just in case you don’t have room to spare, you can create a space in your home. You can call it the mudroom space. There all items are dumped. The mudroom space should have a shelf for shoes, a wall hook for hanging clothes, and a basket for the small tiny things you took out.

In the process, you can curtail pollution in your home. And live happily ever after.

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