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Make the First Move: Things You Must Do Immediately After Moving into a New Home

One of the first things homeowners do when their move has been finalized is to create a checklist of things to accomplish. This helps them make the enormous task of moving a lot more manageable. After all, no one really enjoys having to move to a different home.

It’s exhausting, overwhelming, and nerve-wracking. It’s like starting from scratch once again. So, you’ve chosen which moving company to work with. You’ve also completed all of the pre-moving tasks on your checklist, including packing.

You’ve brought all your huge boxes to your new home, so what are the first steps you should take now that you’ve reached your destination? When you first move into a new house, Fort Lauderdale experts note that it’s only natural for many homeowners to want to put your personal touch on your space right away.

If you’ve moved to a home that was previously owned by someone else, of course, the paint colors, fixtures, and finished were catered according to their preferences. But, no matter how excited you may, do not plan major remodels until you have lived in the house for a while. So, where should you begin?

Turn on the utilities and see if they all work.

Now is the right time to notify the utility companies about your move. Make a call and ask them to transfer water, electrical, gas, trash and sewer under your name. In some cases, all of these could be handled by another company prior to your move.

But, to make sure everything is in proper working order, don’t hesitate to make inquiries. You wouldn’t want to find out you have no electricity when the sun has finally set.

Plug in your fridge and other appliances.

Make sure all of the appliances you brought with you are plugged in and working properly. But, if you moved to a fully furnished home, check the fridge first.

Most of the time, when people move, they unplug the fridge and turn it off for the next owner. You wouldn’t know that the fridge wasn’t even working unless you’ve already gone grocery shopping. So, make this on top of your list.

Change the locks immediately.

locksmith repair

Contact a locksmith as soon as possible to get all your important locks changed. After all, you don’t know how many people actually have access to your new home prior to your move. You can also ask the locksmith to add more security features if you want.

Expect to pay around 100 dollars for a home visit, and a few more if you request for extra keys. While you’re at it, come up with an effective plan to avoid getting locked out of your own house.

Help your pets adjust to your new place.

Moving can be a stressful event for people, but it’s equally terrifying even for your pets. It won’t be easy for them to adjust to unfamiliar surroundings.

So, put all your pet’s special items such as litter boxes, toys, blankets, food dishes and treats in a separate box and place them in a room with your pets. Seeing the things that they love will help them feel safe even in a new home.

Make the move as manageable and stress-free as possible with these simple steps.

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