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Main House Parts That You Need To Check Regularly

You are currently in the third year of residency in your dream house. You sip your coffee and hurriedly make your way to the garage. When in the nick of time, you find yourself trapped in a nasty situation. You dial in your friendly garage door remote service here in Cairns, and you tell them about your case.

While you wait for them to arrive, you wonder, what else is broken in your house? Do you need to check other hazards such as broken kitchen stoves or faulty roofing? To guide you with your decision, this article compiled a list of house areas you need to check for maintenance.


There is no place like your bedroom. It houses your most intimate moments, an area of rest and comfort. When you are in your bedroom, make sure to check first all your appliances inside. Have a technician look over your air conditioning unit, check the wires of your television, your electric fan and your personal computer.

Check the structural areas of your room as well, look for the window, the ceiling and more. Then, look for pest infestations in your mattress, pillows and comforter. You can also vacuum the whole room every two weeks for a spick and span kind of clean.

Living room

In research, it was discovered that people spend at least 180 days sitting down. People dwell in a living room most of the time. They watch TV, spend time with family members or just lounge around the area for a quick rest.

Nonetheless, it takes more than just cleaning the area but keeping an inviting ambience and vibrant colour of the city. Check for termites that may infest your wooden décor and other fixtures. Also, clean the walls for a seemingly perfect touch, you can also paint on it after three years or so.


The most important aspect of the kitchen is the fact that it always needs to be sanitary. Check on food spillage once every week as to avoid bacteria from brooding all over the place. Check your gas connection as well. Fuel leaks are deemed hazardous as it can burn a house down.

Be keen on smelling gas leak from time to time. If you feel it, contact your fire department for help. Not to mention the fact that pipe leaks are common in the kitchen area. Have them checked by a professional as well.


Bathroom maintenance

You can scrub a dub in the bathroom floor to remove tiles stain, cleaning the mirrors, and removing hair from the sink. The bathroom is the start of all your zen when it comes to cleanliness. It is essential to be diligent in keeping this area clean.

Your home is the most significant investment you’ll have in your life. Without your due diligence and your sense of responsibility, you’ll witness quick deterioration, and you wouldn’t want to spend a hefty sum of money for a new one.

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