View of Fremantle Harbour, Australia

Living the Beach Life in Cairns, Australia

Of the seven continents in the world, Australia is arguably the most unique. It has a great climate, awesome beaches and amazing wildlife. Because of this, the country has been a haven for people who want to create beach homes and live a life of their dreams, especially in places like Cairns or Townsville.

If you are planning to hire the services of Cairns or Townsville home builders to help you build your dream beach home, check out these beautiful and pristine beaches as possible locations for your dream life by the beach.

Green Island

Green Island is near the Great Barrier Reef, which is the largest coral reef system in the world. The island, which is very near the Cairns coast, is famous for its beautiful beaches. Many snorkelers and scuba divers from around the world come here to see its beauty. This island is amazingly brimming with marine and coral life. If you love the beach and enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, build your beach home right here.

Mission Beach

This beach is located just two hours away from the south of Cairns. It offers approximately 8.7 miles of lovely beach coastline. Have your very own slice of paradise here. You can enjoy the beach and at the same time have a place to call your home here at Mission Beach.

Four Mile Beach

If you want something near the north side of Cairns, then you can head to Four Mile Beach. Life here is quite expensive though, as it is an upscale island offering exclusive, luxurious resorts and a beach filled with expensive and top-of-the-line yachts. When you build a home here, you can go for long walks in the sand every day, dip in pristine clear waters, and have fun with all the water sports available around the area.

Nudey Beach

Nudey Beach is situated in the Fitzroy Island. It is regarded as Australia’s Best Beach in 2018. Despite the term, Nudey Beach is not for nudists. So, keep your clothes on while you swim even if you already own a beach home here. This place is perfect, as it has not been tainted by mass tourism to date. Here, you can have a slice of paradise to yourself and not share it with anyone.

Palm Cove

Australian beach during sunset

Palm Cove can be found some 30 minutes away from the main city of Cairns. The place is filled with so many expensive and luxurious beach resorts. Like Four Mile Beach, it belongs to the upscale parts of beaches found near Cairns. The coastline of Palm Cove is beautifully lined with palm trees. Imagine a beach house surrounded by palm trees where you can lazily lounge every day with your favourite drink at hand.

If you want to live like you are always on vacation, then living on the beach might be for you. Build a beach house anywhere near these beaches or somewhere near Cairns or Townsville. With the help of trusted builders, make your dream a reality.

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