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Three Activities You Can Do to Let Your Mind Breathe

The incessant need to be online and accessible in the digital age is becoming a problem. People find it harder to stay disconnected from the internet and away from their smartphones because they do all their social interactions, entertainment, studying, or working need from their mobile devices.

This wasn’t a problem in the past decades because smartphones had yet to exist. In the past, when someone needed to contact their family or friend, they would have to write a letter or head to the nearest payphone to leave a message on their beepers. Now, all they have to do is send a text.

Because it’s so easy to reach one another nowadays, the challenge has shifted to how people can distance themselves from staying connected. It’s becoming harder to draw the line between personal time and working hours because most people work remotely from their homes.

Many people expect the person they’re contacting to pick up the phone or respond to their messages immediately without any regard for the time. And people of all ages have their noses stuck to their phones throughout the day, which means they’re spending all their time indoors—away from nature.

With all the noise and light pollution, no matter where you go, it seems like the only place for you to hear your thoughts is to be far from the city. That’s why it’s crucial that you take time to be with yourself and away from your responsibilities once in a while. So, here are some activities you can do to let your mind breathe:

Play Your Favorite Sports

When you’re playing sports, all your attention is focused on the ongoing game. Your phone will be hidden in your bag, which means you’re disconnected from the internet and hanging out with your team or friends. This also means that you’re moving your body, breathing in the fresh air, and working your sweat glands.

If you play sports often, this would be no big deal to you. But so many people are confined to their homes and unable to even move to buy their groceries because they’re too busy with staying up-to-date with what’s happening online. However, this can be unhealthy because it promotes a sedentary lifestyle.

That’s why if you enjoy playing sports, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to clear your head and break away from your responsibilities, even if only for a while. But you have to make sure that you’re always in tiptop shape to play. So if you ever get your ankle sprained during the game, you should head over to your foot doctor immediately to address the pain.

Travel Around the World

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Most people are wanderlusts at heart. If you consider yourself one too, then traveling the world could be an amazing way to discover who you are outside of your comfort zone. This chance will allow you to let your mind wander free as you experience different cultures and encounter people from all walks of life.

Plus, this could be a great way to relieve your stress from your day-to-day responsibilities at home and work. While traveling, no one else depends on your ability to earn or put food on the table. All you have to worry about is yourself; it could be the escape you need to reignite your passions and dreams.

So, don’t be afraid to just pack up and leave. Book that flight you’ve been thinking about for the past few months. Walk through the jungle or lie on the beach. Experience a cultural festival and witness how people from other parts of the world mingle with one another. This way, you can connect better to the real world.

Go Camping and Trekking

If you prefer being one with nature and breathing the fresh air, you can go camping on your own. Camping is a great way to reconnect with the natural world, especially if you’ve been experiencing negative side effects from always being online and indoors. This is called nature-deficit disorder (NDD).

NDD is yet to be considered a real medical condition, but the symptoms are as real as any other mental health condition. Those who are assumed to have NDD show signs of anxiety, depression, or antisocial behaviors because they spend too much time confined inside their homes and away from nature.

So, you can take this chance to go camping in the middle of the forest, but make sure to choose safe campsites. Before you can get to your spot, you’ll have to hike or trek a bit, which allows you to exercise your whole body as well. That’s why if you’re feeling disconnected from nature, take it as a sign to book a camping trip alone or with your friends.

The advantages brought about by technology do indeed outweigh the disadvantages, but it has to be used in moderation, which is where most people fail. Because they can’t bring themselves to moderate their dependence on their gadgets, they begin compromising their health in the process. Don’t let yourself be one of them; instead, do your best to benefit from technology while still prioritizing your health.

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