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Things to Consider While Keeping Fit and Healthy during a Pandemic

When the pandemic started, gyms and fitness centers closed after the authorities issued shelter-in-place orders to stop the spread of the virus. Due to this, many fitness enthusiasts were at a loss on how they can work out to keep themselves fit and healthy.

Even though the gyms and fitness centers have since reopened, some people are still wary about working out at these places since they are enclosed spaces. But these people still wanted to exercise to lose the extra pounds that they gained during the first few months of the pandemic.

They have several options if they intend to move their bodies and sweat them out, even if they do not enter a gym or fitness center. Here are some things they can do to exercise even if they do not return to the gym.

Look for Online Workout Apps and Videos

The first thing they can do is look for workout apps and videos that they can use online. Many of these apps and videos are free to download. And people have a lot of options to choose from. They can get yoga classes, circuit training, and Zumba workouts. Some apps or videos may even provide personal training exercises you can perform in the comfort of your home.

They also have the option of working out in their backyard together with another member of the family. Some workout videos are even a part of a series that they can follow at their own pace. All they need to do is download the app or save the video to use them any time they want.

Work on Bodyweight Routines

Since getting the necessary fitness equipment may put a dent in the budget, people can focus on using bodyweight routines in their fitness regimen. Bodyweight exercises do not require any specialized equipment since they use the body’s weight for resistance training.

These exercises include squats, pushups, planks, lunges, and sit-ups. Bodyweight routines are a convenient and inexpensive way for people to get themselves into shape. All they need to do is to perform the exercises and establish their circuit workout.

They can perform as many repetitions as they can for each moment within one minute. After the one-minute workout, they can rest for the next minute before doing the same thing with the next exercise they have on their list. They can continue performing the different workout routines for around 20 minutes.

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Use Household Items

If people are not satisfied with the resistance they get from the weight of their body, they can use household items as their weights. They can use canned goods or even a water bottle as weights. These household items can mimic the dumbbells at the gym. Using a chair as weights is also a good way to improve the triceps.

Aside from weight training, they can also perform cardio exercises by running up and down a flight of stairs. If they love in an apartment building, they can run from the first floor up to the top floor of the building using the stairs. In addition to burning calories, stair climbing also allows people to increase their power and strength.

Exercise Outdoors

If the surrounding community does not have many cases, people can also start exercising outside their homes. They can walk, jog, or bike around their neighborhood. Aside from getting a good workout, this also allows people to get some fresh air.

But they should still follow health protocols. This means that they should wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from people who are a part of a different household. This is particularly true if they have not yet received the vaccine.

Another activity that people can do outdoors is hiking at a nearby state or national park. The open space will be a good place for people to exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature at its best.

Look for Affordable Exercise Equipment

Sales of fitness equipment surged during the pandemic since many people wanted to keep themselves fit while staying at home. While prices may have gone up due to the high demand, people may still find inexpensive equipment that does not cost as much as exercise machines.

These types of equipment include resistance bands, jump ropes, and suspension trainers. While these are simple fitness equipment, they can facilitate the exercise routines of people who want to work out at home. People can tie a suspension trainer on a tree so that they can exercise while breathing in the fresh air outside their homes.

Staying fit during the pandemic does not always require a visit to the gym or fitness center. People can still exercise even in the comfort of their homes.

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