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Jobs That Require Men to Be Physically Fit

With the pandemic still looming all over our heads, it is now more important than ever to maintain a healthy body and a fitness regimen. The concept of being physically fit has always been vague. How can men expect to be fit today when most of their jobs include sitting before a desk for eight to 10 hours? Studies have shown the toll that these desk-bound jobs have on all of our lives. More than anything else, it is imperative that we find a job that will keep us on our toes literally.

Men are more likely to do laborious jobs than women. Although women are breaking the stereotype as they go into traditionally “man” jobs such as driving taxis, the percentage of men in blue-collar jobs is still higher than any kind of gender inequality-defying movement. Men, studies showed, are more likely to look for jobs that require physical activity than be contented with sedentary jobs in front of their computers.

So, what are these fitness jobs that men can thrive in? What kinds of jobs demand physical activities? There are fitness jobs, of course, that do not necessarily refer to gyms, training instructors, and fitness coaches. What are these?

Conditioning Coaches

How do conditioning coaches differ from fitness instructors? The latter is concerned about your physical fitness — how toned your muscles are and how strong your core is. Conditioning coaches do more than that. They make sure that you follow a healthy diet that will strengthen those muscles and prevent sports injuries. These coaches often work with team sports. They customize diet plans and fitness regimens for athletes with the aim of reducing the chances of injuries.

Earning around $46,000 a year, strength and conditioning coaches apply scientific knowledge in creating a program for their clients. Lebron James, for example, spends millions of dollars on his diet and conditioning. The result? He’s still putting up the numbers at 36 years old.

Cleaning and Clearing Services

People usually hire professional house clearance services when they move to a new state or have to remodel their new homes. This is a great job for physically fit people because there is a lot of carrying and hauling of appliances and disposing of residential and garbage waste. In some cases, you may even be asked to help to clear out the waste after the renovation.

It’s a lot of work, but it actually helps tone your muscles, too. It provides the kind of physical activity that is lost on people who work on their desks. This kind of physically heavy work is not for those with fitness and health problems.

School Faculty

You can join as a faculty member working as a physical education instructor or sports coach. If your community has a little league baseball team, try your hand at coaching these kids. Is this the kind of work that you may want to do? If you have the credentials for it, don’t hesitate to apply as a coach in the local college. Though you may not clinch the head coach position immediately, you can start as an assistant coach.

But to become an athletic coach, you need to be fit. How will your students and athletes follow your instructions if they don’t see you disciplining yourself, too? Athletic coaches need to be fit and healthy. They have to condition their bodies. They need enough stamina to keep up with their athletes.


Firefighter concept

As modern-day heroes, firefighters go through a lot of training and workshop. They undertake physically grueling tasks — from climbing trees to save a kitten to rescuing people from great heights. Do not forget that firefighters were also the ones who tried to save all those people during the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York. They don’t only need to be physically fit, but they need strength, stamina, and mental fortitude to rescue people from car crashes, floods, and other natural calamities.

It’s not easy to become a firefighter. Aside from going through rigorous training, firefighters will also undergo assessment for their psychological capacities to handle calamities. After some of the biggest calamities that they face, many of them risk suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.


Hollywood’s perception of lifeguards is no farther from the truth. So, they don’t always look like Zac Efron, but they do have a good physique because of the work that they are involved in. Every day, lifeguards do a lot of lap swimming, water rescue drills, wading, and brick drills. These strengthen their focus and physical fitness. Lifeguards must be physically fit to go about their work.

Industries designed these jobs for the physically fit, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot work on yourself to have an opportunity to work as a firefighter or lifeguard. If you’ve always wanted to become one of these modern-day heroes, then start working on your stamina and core strength. Once you put your mind to it, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

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