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Is this the Key to Feeling and Looking Young?

There are now various methods, treatments and procedures to make people look younger. Sports, fitness equipment, and dietary supplements have become part of the obsession with youth. However, nothing compares to the development of cosmetic treatments.

One of these is Thermage, a facial skin treatment technique that aims to make patients look younger, by tightening the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lessening the signs of aging. The treatment has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. A unique skin tightening technique that does not require any surgical treatment, it can make patients feel confident and young.

The Thermage Treatment Process

The skin is composed of several layers. The epidermis is the outer layer to the muscle tissue, which is below the dermis and a layer of fat. The dermis is the layer that is responsible for the state of our outer skin.

As people age, the skin starts to sag and develop wrinkles because of the fibril layers in the dermis have loosened. The Thermage process involves heating the dermis without affecting the epidermis. The process consists of the application of radiofrequency energy directly to the dermal tissue. The exposed skin contains a cooling substance on the epidermis to avoid any damage.

Heating the dermal tissue causes the collagen fibrils to contract and to become thick. This will then make the skin to tighten in the process. After the procedure, the skin starts to heal, and the fibril layers will begin to gain new structures and the formation of new collagen. This will make the skin to tighten. Although some of the effects of the tightening may be visible, the full results will be seen after several weeks or even up to six months.

Who is a SuitableĀ  Patient?

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This treatment is suitable for patients who do not require a surgical facelift. This is also suitable for people who are beginning to show signs of sagging of the neck, eyelid, and cheeks. This is also good for those patients who want to have their skin tighter without necessarily having to undergo a surgical procedure.

It is imperative to have a consultation with a qualified cosmetic dermatologist who will review your best options and give you advice if you are eligible for the treatment. A Thermage face treatment is costly and also poses some risks such as burns or scars. It is for this reason that the dermatologist has to assess the state of the patient’s skin, consider the age of the patient and desired results.

Thermage can be a viable alternative to some people, but this has to be supported by the patient’s doctor. This method will definitely tighten your skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and give the patient a younger appearance. It could give patients a healthy glow and do not require long periods of recovery. You can immediately start doing the things you always do, without the need for a long downtime. For anyone who wants to not only feel younger but look younger, Thermage is another option worthy of consideration.


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