Small Is the New Big: Why You Should Have an Intimate Wedding

Small and intimate are the keywords for wedding plans in 2021 and the foreseeable future. With a shrunken guestlist, food shifting away from buffets, and more emphasis on health and sanitation, couples are getting more creative in celebrating their weddings amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a wedding planning site, Wedding Wire, the number of wedding guests is getting smaller to adhere to the gathering limits set by COVId-19 protocols.

But going beyond health reasons, there are myriad benefits for a smaller wedding celebration. One obvious advantage is that you get to save more money apart from cutting down stress.

Though it is only natural for most couples to dream of lavish, big weddings, there is that simplistic and intimate beauty when it comes to smaller wedding celebrations.

Need more convincing? Check out these reasons why smaller weddings are to-go this year and beyond.

1. Celebrate Your Big Day With the People who Matter

Weddings are supposed to be personal. It is about celebrating love, making heartfelt promises, and essentially being open. It is about cherishing old memories and celebrating new ones. Would it not be awkward experiencing all of these in front of guests you barely knew?

Also, some couples do not enjoy being the center of attention for hours on end.

By having a smaller wedding, you get to carefully pick your guests, ensuring you surround yourself with people who truly matter during your big day.

2. Choose the Customary Elements You Want or Create Something New

With big weddings, you have to essentially stick to the usual wedding formats. But opting for a smaller wedding allows you to cherry-pick what traditional wedding elements you would want to keep.

Perhaps you would want to do away with the bouquet toss or ditch being walked down the aisle? You may even create your own wedding tradition if you want — and that is one of the beauties of smaller weddings.

3. Get Vendors Who Can Personalize Everything According to Your Taste

Wedding vendors have spent years refining their way of work. This gives them much efficiency and makes them stand out in their niche. It usually follows that their operational processes make it difficult to accommodate eccentric requests or smaller orders.

But there are plenty of avant-garde vendors who are more than willing to accommodate your unique creative vision. With their help, you can completely fulfill your creative vision of your wedding.


4. Save More Money or Blow Off on Something That You Value

Though saving more money is the all too common reason for most couples to opt for smaller weddings, it is not necessarily true all the time. What small, intimate weddings truly afford is the chance to be flexible.

This means you can either splurge on the things that truly matter to you or save more money. You could keep the extra cash for your honeymoon expenses or treat your guests to a five-course gourmet meal.

5. Realize Your Wedding Vision

You have the freedom to pick what you truly want at your wedding. You could do brunch or classy cocktail reception. An outdoor picnic potluck or opt for a luxurious lunch reception at a five-star rated restaurant. Essentially, it is like the sky is the limit!

Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should “wing it” all the time when preparing for a small, intimate wedding. For every wedding to be successful, big or small, plenty of preparation and work happens in the background.

6. You Have the Freedom to Select Even Unusual Venues

Conventional wedding venues are made to hold an average-sized group. But it would not make sense at all to rent a large room for a few guests.

With a smaller wedding, you have plenty of venues to choose from. Even non-wedding venues could be an option. You can opt for glass conservatories, historic inns, or gardens for a more intimate feel. Why not even have a wedding ceremony on top of the mountain? You can do that.

Keep in mind, though, that these “unusual” wedding venues might need a bit of additional work to get your wedding completely set up.

Going for a smaller and more intimate wedding benefits not only you but also your guests. Unlike typical huge weddings where you only get to spend just a few minutes with each of your guests, smaller weddings allow you to catch up with everyone. Each person will truly feel valued for being invited to your wedding.

Also, going for a smaller wedding takes the pressure off of everyone. Smaller weddings are more relaxed since most guests know or are familiar with each other.

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