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Innovative Office Designs: Boosting Your Staff’s Morale and Productivity

As a CEO or a business owner, taking care of your employees should always be on top of the list. Your staff is the backbone of your organisation. Keeping them motivated to help them perform at their best is one of the primary keys to your success. Other than comprehensive company benefits and a decent pay grade, you should also evaluate their needs.

According to reports, most employees are demotivated or have quit their jobs because of a toxic work environment. Start evaluating the culture and activities around the office. Consider making improvements in the workplace. Remember that these people spend about eight to 10 hours at work. It only makes sense to make some office makeover.

Innovative Office Designs

Many CEOs and business owners are moving away from the old and traditional office setup and shifting to more unique and innovative interior designs. Apple is one of the first companies to do this with its spherical building and minimalist-themed work area. You should also check out Apple Park where Steve Jobs aimed for a more nature-inclined office theme. As we all know, bringing nature into the workplace can help reduce stress and boost morale and productivity. Research also says that a close connection with nature helps people stir up their creative juices.

Google is another popular name when it comes to distinct and creative offices around the world. In the New York branch, they have hammocks for their employees; while there are bizarre sleeping pods in Sydney headquarters.

What Can You Do?

As a startup, you can also try innovating your office setup. It doesn’t have to be a huge makeover like some of the items mentioned above. Start with the simple details. Here are three tips to help you out:

Tip #1: Flexible Workstation Layouts

Vintage office interiorAlways consider your team’s work routine, and be flexible with office layouts. Establish open communication by adding more standing desks and movable walls instead of the usual desktops. This setup can encourage your staff to move around the office and interact with their colleagues. It’s also a good diversion since traditional office layouts require them to sit in front of the computer for a long time, which is very unhealthy.

Be creative and resourceful with office renovations. Try maximising the space by converting empty rooms. For example, you can renovate some of the awkward space in the halls or corridor into lounges or a coffee area.

Tip #2: Comfy and Cosy Interiors

Just like well-known enterprises, you want to provide comfort for your staff. They have been working long hours and deserve to take a break every once in a while. For lounge areas, you can bring in some cosy vibes by changing the interiors a bit. You can even apply landed house interior design for a more relaxing atmosphere. This should give them enough diversion from a heavy workload and tight deadlines.

Tip #3: Health and Wellness Campaigns

Implementing health and wellness campaigns around the office is a good way to boost your team’s productivity, overall wellness, and morale. Other than ergonomics office equipment, you can also explore fitness programs. Offering healthy snacks during wee hours is also a good idea.

There’s a lot more you can do to help your staff stay motivated and perform at their best. Keep observing their routine and behaviour. Establish strong leadership to help them achieve their goals.

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