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If March Has Been Feeling A Bit Dull, Here’s How You Fix It

The alarm rings, and you wake up just according to schedule. You head straight for the kitchen and get yourself a morning coffee right before you hit the cold shower. Some minutes pass by, and you get started with work until the later hours, call it quits by the afternoon, and head straight to the gym for leg day. However, as you retreat to the bedroom, ready to do it all over again tomorrow, you realize that doing the same thing over and over again has gone stale and unfulfilling.

Whether we’d like to admit it or not, constantly outputting 100% and staying on the productivity grind every single day does get dull and boring over time, and while some people claim they can do it non-stop, we all deserve a break now and then. So, if you’ve been feeling dull these past days and want to kick off Spring with a bang, it’s time we start breaking down the monotonous cycle you’re hardwired in and replace it with some spontaneity.

Tip #1 — Getting Away From Home

Look, we are by no means downplaying all the fun you can do at home; in fact, some people enjoy binge-watching their favorite films and hanging around with the family over the weekend. However, sometimes all it takes to break away from that monotonous cycle holding you hostage is breaking out of the environment where it all started. Believe it or not, there are people around the world who haven’t seen the light of day since this pandemic started, so give your body the peace of mind to break free!

  • Go For A Long Bike Ride: If you’ve got a bike in the garage that’s just collecting dust, then we strongly recommend taking it out for a long ride. Nothing quite matches the rush of adrenaline, the blood pumping to your legs, and feeling the wind brush against your face. It takes you away from that everyday bedroom scene and into the outside world. Plus, it’s a great way to supersede your cardio for the day.
  • Catch Up With Some Friends: Let’s face it, you know you miss hanging out with the boys, and they do too, so why keep things stalling and go meet up with them yourself! Everyone’s probably got a funny story they want to share while cracking a cold one, so invite them over or get together. Just make sure you follow social distancing guidelines and local protocol, so you remain safe.

Tip #2 — Starting Unfinished Projects

Although it can get pretty annoying when people rant about new year’s resolutions being dropped after a couple of weeks, there’s some hard truth to that, and you might also be guilty of doing it as well. So, to break away from this dull and robotic cycle of doing the same thing every single day, why not take the opportunity to start unfinished projects? It’s an excellent way to stimulate the brain and a nice change of pace.

  • Modding Your Car: There’s just something about servicing and regular maintenance that feels so right. But, if you want to take your automotive love to the next level, why not act on your long-lost dream of modding your car? From tires to steering whiles and even changing out the seats for racer seats, there’s a lot you can get busy on over the weekend. And, when you’re feeling confident, you can saddle on over to modding under the hood.
  • Build That Home Gym: We know how tiring it can get driving all the way to the gym and back just to get your workout in, so instead of getting by with that endless cycle, why not take up your challenge to build that home gym? Sure, it’s going to take a lot of work, and you might miss a couple of days, but if it brings the iron closer to home, then it’s a solid investment! That way, you can start packing your calories and sculpting your body under one roof.
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Tip #3 — Learn Something New

Lastly, if none of the above-mentioned tips interest you, we suggest taking some time off to learn something completely new and foreign. Nothing gets you out of a rut and break away from a cycle better than introducing something you’ve never dealt with before. It’s nerve-wracking and exhilarating at the same time, so, by all means, go crazy!

  • Get Into Business: Look, there’s only so much taking an entrepreneurial mindset will take you, but putting your words into action is where the success, money, and fulfillment is found! So, take that risk and create that business startup, plan that QSR franchising, and start scaling your capital. Who knows, you might get super lucky and be fortunate enough to get things under smooth operations in about a week.
  • Work On Your Cooking: If you’re more into the solo-leveling style of new skills, there’s no better time to work on your cooking than now. With all this time spent at home, you should have no excuse to order food because the kitchen is just there waving frantically at you. So, get your butt over there and try some new recipes!

A Good Life Is About Living Every Moment

In conclusion, there are way too many things that you can do, so it’s wrong to say things have gone dull and sour. And, once you’ve had your fill of excitement and spontaneity, you can work yourself back into the productivity grind as much as you’d like.

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