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How Your Business Can Get Attention from the Traffic

If your business happens to be near a busy intersection or highway, you are a lucky business owner. And as a business owner, you will want to attract customers that pass by you. However, keep in mind every customer has different needs, so it’s essential to understand what conditions are most common and what your business needs to satisfy.

Put Up Signs

When you’re going on long road trips, signs on the road are your best friend. Not only sign a right way of knowing where the next town or gas station will be, but this has been used for centuries to guide travelers towards the right directions.

Businesses situated close to the highway will need to set up signs to get riders’ attention. Most would suggest placing a sign one to four miles from your business so that drivers will be aware of the distance of your business.

Want your signs to stand out from other ads? You might want to consider using bright warm colors. You don’t necessarily need to place your signs and advertisements on billboards since strategically placed tarpaulins on certain structures will do.

But, if there are no structures on the highway, you can always have a sign done by a professional custom metal sign company known for getting potential customers’ attention.

Location, Location, Location

Once you’ve decided on what signs you want to put up. It’s essential then to decide on which section of the highway you want to put up those signs, and if you’re putting up multiple signs, deciding how far away from each other they should be.

The recommended placement is one to four miles before an exit to ensure that your customers have a moment to consider your offer and make a decision.

It is also highly recommended that the signs are placed in a well-lit area because you definitely still want your sign visible even at night to maximize its effectiveness.

Ensure that it is placed at a safe distance from important road signs; the last thing you want to happen is to cause an accident by accidentally covering up a stop sign.

Contact your local authorities as different states will have different regulations regarding signs on highways.


Once you’ve decided on where to put up your signs, it is then important that your potential customers can see your sign. This can be achieved in multiple ways, but the most important part is that your sign sticks in that driver’s mind.

Ensure that your sign is elevated by using tall poles. This makes it stand out like a sore thumb, which is exactly what you want.

Work with a graphic design artist to ensure that your company’s logo and sign are aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. However, If you don’t have that kind of budget, ensure that your sign is easy to read using as few words as possible.

The drivers passing by your sign will most likely be going at high speeds, so it is crucial that the font is large and your message is easily understood.

Content Matters

Now that we’ve established the basics of what makes a good sign successful, it is now time to discuss your signs’ contents. Since your goal is to create a lasting impression, it is critical then that your sign’s content isn’t overly complicated.

You’ll want your sign to elicit a positive response from the viewer, such as making them laugh or cry or have some emotional response; the game’s name is impressionable.

Another essential rule to follow is only to use high quality and relevant images on your sign. While pictures of dogs and other cute animals might be adorable to look at, however, unless your company is selling those animals or servicing them, then they have no reason to be on your sign.

Put your best foot forward and showcase your best product or service and use relevant images and text to hammer home on your point.

Lastly, ensure that your contact details are visible in the sign. Some drivers might be too busy to stop by your business when they see your sign, so they must have a way of contacting you later on down the line. And don’t overcrowd your sign; use only the essentials.

Utilizing signs and billboards are a great way to support your brand-building efforts. However, business owners must keep in mind that this advertising medium should only play a supporting role alongside your social media advertisements, print media advertisements, radio, TV, and flyers.

If you want a successful ad campaign, you must mix and match techniques to maximize customer reach.

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