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How to Prepare a Unit Following Long-Term Tenant Evacuation

Landlords have several ongoing expenses they have to pay to keep their apartment rental business running smoothly. One of the most important is ensuring the cash flow between tenants is seamless. It means covering the monthly mortgage payment, insurance, and other bills even when there is a lull between tenants.

There are a few ways to make sure this happens. One is to have a healthy reserve fund covering a few months of expenses. Another is keeping the vacancy rate low, which means filling the gaps left by those who move out. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to prepare a rental unit for new occupants when the previous tenants have left it in poor condition.

That situation can be challenging. You might have long-term tenants who made custom changes during their stay, which you now have to revert to prepare for the next occupants. However, it is not impossible. It might take months to achieve, but these steps will ensure that the available unit is tenant-ready.

Deep Cleaning

Presentation matters when attracting new tenants to an apartment unit. Unfortunately, messy and used spaces can turn them off because they will live in them. If they notice that the environment is unhealthy, they might look for other options. Fortunately, deep cleaning can make the apartment unit attractive.

Deep cleaning is vital in preparing a used apartment unit for new tenants. Cleaning spaces used and abused by previous tenants can be challenging, but it is worth the effort. By deep cleaning, you can remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that has built up over time. It will make the apartment unit look and smell fresh, making it easier to maintain.

There are certain areas to prioritize when performing deep cleaning. One of them is the carpet flooring. Unfortunately, removing and replacing them with new ones can be time-consuming and expensive, mainly when the entire unit uses them. Fortunately, you can rely on end-of-tenancy carpet cleaning services to help you achieve this goal. Doing so will allow you to clean carpet floors quickly and thoroughly. They can also disinfect those materials using safe products. Carpet is home to potential health hazards, making it necessary to secure professional services to keep it clean.

Another crucial area to focus on is the kitchen since it is where food gets prepared. Make sure to clean all surfaces, including the stovetop, oven, refrigerator, sink, and countertops. Do not forget to disinfect them and use reliable products to avoid any health hazards in the future.

The bathroom is another critical space in an apartment unit that needs a thorough cleaning. All surfaces must be wiped and scrubbed, including the toilet, shower, sink, and mirrors. The bathroom is a high-traffic area in an apartment unit, so ensure it can handle the number of tenants living there.

Maintenance and Repairs

Once you have deep cleaned the apartment unit, it is time to focus on maintenance and repairs. It would be best if you checked the state of all appliances, fixtures, and furniture in the space. If you need help, you can get an inspection checklist online. This way, you can identify which ones need to be repaired or replaced before new tenants move in.

For instance, a clogged sink is one of the most challenging things to repair. It happens over time as grease, hair, and other debris build-ups can block the drain. As a result, water starts to pool in the sink, making it difficult to use. Fortunately, there are ways to unclog a sink without calling a professional. You can use a plunger or snake to remove the blockage and restore water flow.

It would be best if you also replaced worn-out furniture and fixtures in the apartment unit. Doing so will give new tenants the impression that they are moving into a brand-new space. First, it would be best to focus on replacing items in high-traffic areas, such as the living room and kitchen.

You should also inspect the appliances in the apartment unit to see if they are still working correctly. If not, it would be best to replace them with new ones. This way, new tenants will not have to deal with any issues when they move in.

Paint Updates

Professional applying fresh paint on apartment unit

One of the quickest and most significant ways to prepare an apartment unit for new tenants is to give it a fresh coat of paint. It would be best to choose light and neutral colors to make the space look bigger. You can also use bright colors to add life to a dull room.

It would be best to paint the entire apartment unit, including the walls, ceiling, doors, and trim. Doing so will help you achieve a consistent look that is clean and inviting.

You can also use wall decals or stickers to add character to the space. They are an excellent way to personalize an apartment unit without making permanent changes. Wall decals are easy to apply and remove, making them ideal for rental units.


Losing tenants will always be expensive because they will no longer pay rent. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the cost of long-term tenant evacuation. The faster you perform these steps to a recently available unit, the quicker you find a tenant. It might mean extra work, but it also means your source of income will not dip significantly.

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