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How to Make Your Home Look More Luxurious

Everybody loves a beautiful home makeover, whether you see it in magazines like House Beautiful and Elle or Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Property Brothers. Plus, you probably ogle over the beautiful interior designs you see on Pinterest and Instagram. These homes are often created with the help of a landed property interior designer. If you’re still saving up to hire one but want to get immediate results, here are smart ways to make your home look more luxurious.

Thrift Some Vintage Conversation Pieces

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get beautiful table centerpieces or mirrors. You’ll find a lot of them second-hand from the nearest thrift stores. These items already have the patina and wear that give them a genuinely vintage look. Just make sure to inspect every antique you buy before taking them to the counter to avoid buying anything with irreparable damage. Envision what it would look like in your room too to ensure you’re buying things that fit your home’s overall aesthetic.

Add Some Natural Flair

Flowers add a bright and lush look to any space. Buy an affordable bouquet when you’re having guests over. The price doesn’t matter as long as they’re fresh. Spread the flowers around in different vases around critical areas in your home, like the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. If you’re unable to visit your local shop, trim some branches off your garden to give your home a fresher look.

Jazz Up Your Pillows

living roomIf you want lovely accent pieces for your living room, upgrade your pillows or pillowcases. Find ones that compliment your couch or rug’s colors. If you’re at a loss, consult a color wheel. These will show the best shades that go with your home’s current theme. If you can’t find affordable ones, go to your nearest fabric store and ask for scrap cloth. You’ll often get them half of their usual price. You can easily sew them into fabulous and functional pillowcases with a basic kit with this excellent guide.

Dress Up Your Floors and Walls

Another way to make your home look even more luxurious is to add a large rug to your living room. There are plenty of affordable options available in your local home improvement store. They don’t have to be upscale, too. As long as they fit your aesthetic and feature thick and durable materials, you’re good!

Bigger is better also applies to your wall and window decor. Grab a large canvas, paint that fits your home’s current look, and paint your heart out. Stick with simple abstract designs. As for the curtains, get ones that reach the floor. Even cheap, lightweight fabric can add a lush feel to your room as the sun shines through them.

Making your home look more expensive doesn’t have to be costly. If you’re still racking up cash to hire a designer and make significant renovations, try these suggestions out first. With some antique centerpieces, beautiful pillowcases, and decked out rugs and curtains, you’ll surely wow your guests with every dinner party you host.

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