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How to Enjoy a Class Reunion

You are holding an invitation with a logo that looks familiar. How would you feel if, after a decade, you received an invitation for your high school reunion? Will you be excited and eager to go? Or would you feel dread? Here are some helpful tips not only to survive but to enjoy your reunion:


This is the primary aim of a reunion: to reconnect old ties. Connect by using the most basic language: a smile. Worried about your misshapen or chipped teeth? Undergo a procedure for a tooth cap in Scottsdale. With its one-day procedure, you will be ready to flash a dazzling time just in time for your reunion.

It is also good to be proactive in such events. Do not wait for someone to strike a conversation with you. Instead, scan the room for a familiar face or two. Approach them and start small talk with them. This will help you lose some of those nerves.

Come to the Event Prepared

It is only natural to forget names (who doesn’t?). To prevent such awkward instances, you may look at your yearbook before the event. It may be true that some faces have changed. But it will help you connect faces and names. Also, thanks to technology, you can do the same with your social media account. Browse through your friend list to jog your memory.

Your preparation also includes dressing up for the event. Choose an attire that is decent but is not loud. You do not have to announce that you are wearing a signature outfit, either. Have something professional and elegant at the same time. This will help you boost your confidence.

Do Not Think of It as a Competition

One of the main reasons some people dread going to reunions is their fear to be judged. For you to enjoy such events, be true to yourself. Do not size someone up as potential competition. Be genuinely happy with what others have achieved. Be equally proud of all your accomplishments. Life takes people on different journeys. Appreciate what you have gone through.

If you know that you are the one with the higher status, do not brag. Nobody cares that much about your newest property or your new designer item. These are superficial things that are best left unsaid.

Look at Things at a New Perspective

Maturity comes with age, so they say. If you are a certified bachelor or bachelorette, do not attend the reunion with the ultimate goal to snag a date or rekindle an old flame. You are not a giddy teenager to act this way.

Also, there might be someone at the event that you have an old issue with. This is the time to settle that disagreement. Your argument might have been based on a petty premise. Reunions are opportunities to see things in a different light.

Enjoy but Be Respectful

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Reunions bring a sense of nostalgia to everybody. It is natural to go down the memory lane. But be mindful of some memories that might embarrass other people in the group. Even if you remember something funny, think first how the other person might feel if this is brought up.

Also, respect how time has changed people. Avoid rude comments or questions about weight, marital status, or anybody’s physical appearance. Practice proper social etiquette at all times.

Reunions are social events that should not be avoided. It is refreshing to see old friends and acquaintances. So go out there and have a blast.

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