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Some Places in People’s Homes That Many Forget to Clean

Cleaning is one task that can either be therapeutic or a nightmare, depending on how you look at it. But no matter how you feel about cleaning, it’s still something that needs to be done regularly — especially in places where hygiene is a top priority, such as the kitchen and bathroom. It’s an essential part of maintaining a home.

In fact, aside from health risks, an untidy home can also affect your mood and productivity. Studies have shown that mess can lead to anxiety and stress. On the other hand, a clean home can be a haven and a place for relaxation. It promotes a place conducive for everything, from doing work, studying, or simply taking a break.

However, cleaning is not just about the big and obvious areas in your home. Some places are often forgotten or overlooked. These are usually the places that are out of sight and out of mind. But no matter how small or hidden these places may be, they still need to

1. Top of an appliance

This one is easy to be overlooked because most people either don’t check on them often or they can’t be seen when you’re standing. The top of your appliances can accumulate dust — especially if you have pets at home. These can also be a breeding ground for mould and mildew, harming your health.

One example is the top of your fridge. Some fridges are so high, making them more difficult to reach and clean. But because the refrigerator is constantly on and emits heat, it can easily turn the dust and dirt on top into grime. Another is your oven. The self-cleaning cycle can help remove some dirt, but it won’t be able to clean the entire thing — especially the areas you can’t see.

To be safe, it’s best to give these places a good wipe every few months. You can use a microfibre cloth or duster to remove the dust easily. If there’s dirt build-up, you can use a mild cleanser and scrub lightly.

2. Ductwork and ceiling

Another place that people barely check is their ductwork and ceiling. These are often ignored because they’re not in direct line of sight. But just like any other surfaces in your home, they can also get dusty and dirty over time.

The ductwork is especially susceptible to dust and dirt because it’s constantly circulating air. This can lead to poor indoor air quality, which can harm your health — especially if you have allergies or asthma. As for the ceiling, this is usually where cobwebs form. They are unsightly and can signify a bigger problem, such as pests.

To clean these areas, you can use a duster or vacuum with an attachment to reach the dust. Or perhaps, for the ductwork, you may need to hire a professional to clean it properly. A trusted hygiene service contractor can help ensure your ductwork is clean and debris-free. As for the ceiling, you can use a cloth or mop to remove the cobwebs easily.

3. Bathroom faucets and drains

The bathroom is one of the places in your home that need to be cleaned regularly. This is because it’s a high-traffic area where you perform personal hygiene tasks. But even if you clean it often, some places, such as the faucets and drains, can be easily overlooked.

Faucets and drains can easily get dirty from water and soap residue. Over time, these can accumulate and form hard-to-remove grime. Plus, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. So to keep your bathroom clean and safe, give these places a good clean now and then.

Your toilet is another place in your bathroom that needs regular cleaning. But because it’s constantly exposed to water, it can be easy to forget. Remember to give your toilet a good scrub at least once a week. Use a toilet brush and cleaner to remove the dirt and bacteria.


4. Upholstery and carpets

Upholstery and carpets are often some places people forget to clean. This is because they’re not as visible as other surfaces, such as the floors. But just because you can’t see the dirt doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Upholstery and carpets can collect dust, dirt, and hair over time. They can also harbour bacteria and other allergens, harming your health. Aside from that, dust mites are also a common problem in these areas. They can cause asthma and other respiratory issues that may be difficult to control.

To clean your upholstery and carpets, vacuum them regularly. For deeper cleaning, you may need to hire a professional service. That’s because they have the right equipment and products to clean these areas thoroughly.

5. Bed’s frame

You may not know that you’re already sleeping on a dusty bed. The bed frame can collect dust over time, which can harm your health — especially if you have allergies. This is why it’s important to clean it regularly.

Use a fine cloth or duster to remove the dust to clean your bed’s frame. You can also vacuum it using the upholstery attachment. Or, if there’s grime build-up, you can use a mild cleanser and scrub lightly.

Aside from the bed frame, you must also check the underside of your bed. This is where dust and dirt can accumulate over time. So to keep your bedroom clean and dust-free, don’t forget to clean under the bed. You can use a vacuum with an attachment to reach the dust easily.

While people usually clean their homes thoroughly, there are still some places that are often overlooked. Remember to clean these areas regularly to maintain a healthy and clean home. This way, you can prevent health risks and ensure that your home is spotless.

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